‘Harley Quinn’ Showrunner Teases Possible Season 2 Lesbian Relationship

Harley Quinn showrunner Justin Halpern talks about his show
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When the second season of Harley Quinn kicks off later this year, it appears there might be some new romance in the air. The animated show, featuring Kaley Cuoco as the titular character, had a successful first season run. It was a season where Harley was trying to build her own identity, having separated from the Joker. In some ways, it was the same kind of plot as what moviegoers saw when they went to see Birds of Prey.

When Season 2 kicks off on DC Universe, the character might be branching out and starting a new relationship. Showrunner Justin Halpern sat down for an interview with Geeks Worldwide and teased the new season of Harley Quinn could feature the lead character in a lesbian relationship with Poison Ivy.

“We have caught a lot of heat for not having them together right away, and I get it, but our thinking was we didn’t want Harley to jump right back into another relationship when she was on a journey for self-discovery. That felt like selling out her character.”

Halpern added that Poison Ivy wasn’t in a place where she was ready to be in a relationship either. Now, both characters have grown a bit and Halpern thinks they might be ready.

The Harley Quinn cast talks about the show
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Halpern continued that he didn’t want to spoil anything when it comes to the second season but he thinks he’s going to have the characters “where people want them to be.” The showrunner also made it clear that if Harley and Poison Ivy are going to become a couple, it’s not going to be “hinted at.”

If there is a lesbian relationship to be had from the animated series, it will be obvious they are a couple. Halpern said he doesn’t want to be teasing people with some slight mentions or a shared look. Viewers will know they are seeing what they’re seeing.

The teasing and possibility of the DC Universe series possibly having a same-sex relationship comes at the same time when the CW is making strides in its own attempts to make same-sex relationships and LGBTQ+ characters more mainstream.

Batwoman was the first television show that featured a homosexual superhero. Supergirl also featured a transgender character who fights crime. When it comes to advancing these kinds of storylines, the DC universe has been quite a bit more proactive than its comic book rival, Marvel. When Harley Quinn Season 2 kicks off in April, viewers will have to wait and see what’s in store for the characters.