Fitness Bombshell Kayla Itsines Flaunts Toned Tummy & Muscular Arms For The Last Day Of The ‘SWEAT Challenge’

Personal trainer Kayla Itsines attends day 2 of POPSUGAR Play/Ground on June 10, 2018 in New York City.
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On Sunday, Kayla Itsines once again showed off her chiseled body on Instagram. The fitness trainer was excited to announce the last day of the SWEAT Challenge, which is a six-week workout challenge created by fitness training site SWEAT.

In the photo, the Australian fitness guru sat outside on a lime-green wall, with a clear, blue sky and palm trees framing the background. She wore a baby-blue sports bra with thick shoulder straps that left plenty of her toned abdomen on display. The top was paired with her typical black, ultra-short gym shorts that barely covered her long, sculpted legs. A pair of white sneakers and an Apple watch completed the outfit.

Kayla wore her long, straight brown tresses up in a high ponytail that flowed down her back as she posed with her head turned towards the side, her gaze focused on a distant point.

In the snap, the Instagram sensation flexed one bicep while flashing a huge smile and showing off her ripped muscles. As she braced her weight on the wall with her other arm, viewers could see the outline of her muscles against the bright sun.

In the caption, she let her fellow SWAT Challenge pals that she is proud of them. You can see the pic below.

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Ladies, it’s the last day of the #SWEATChallenge!! ???? You should be SO proud of what you’ve achieved!! ⁣ Now that the challenge is over, I don’t want you to think that you have to wait for the next challenge to be able to continue your training. I don’t want you to stop or give up on your health and fitness goals!!! Now is the time to KEEP GOING. ???? I want you to start tomorrow strong with whatever program you choose, whether that’s my #BBG program, or #BBGStronger. ⁣ ⁣ For the ladies who are wondering which program they should do next, this is what I recommend:⁣ If you did BBG Starting Out ????Week 5 BBG Beginner⁣ If you did BBG Challenge Me ???? Week 1 BBG⁣ If you did BBG Stronger Starting Out ???? Week 1 BBG Stronger Beginner⁣ If you did BBG Stronger Challenge Me ???? Week 1 BBG Stronger⁣ ⁣ For those of you who have been doing BBG or BBG Stronger for a while, you can go back to the week you were on in the program before the Challenge.⁣ ⁣ You can choose your program and change the program week on the SWEAT app, just click your profile and 'Manage My Program'.⁣ ⁣ #BBGcommunity, which program will you do?? Let me know in the comments below!! ????⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ #BBG #BBGstronger #BBGbeginner #BBG2020 ##bbgcommunity

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Kayla went on to tell the SWEAT challengers that just because it’s over, it doesn’t mean they have to wait for the next challenge in order to continue their training. She encouraged them to keep going and not give up on their fitness and health goals. The fitness trainer also mentioned that if they’re looking for a workout to do, they can try out her BBG (Bikini Body Guides) programs. Kayla outlines the programs that subscribers should do next, based on which one they have just completed.

Many of the fitness buff’s 12.2 million followers subscribe to her workout programs and talk about them in the comments section of her posts. They typically ask questions related to their own fitness journey while sharing their gratitude with Kayla for helping them achieve their goals and serving as their inspiration.

“Not had the best week 6 as I was crazy busy BUT I’m super happy with myself I’m very excited to keep going! Thank you for always keeping everyone motivated!!!!,” one Instagram user commented on Kayla’s latest post.

“You read my mind Kayla! I was just wondering what to choose next. Thank you for always being a step ahead of everyone,” another follower commented.