‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nik & Ava Begin Scheming, Liz And Franco Get Caught Up In It

General Hospital star Maura West.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

General Hospital has been full of much drama this past week and a few storylines have been put on the back burner since the baby swap saga unfolded. However, the week of February 17 will include Nikolas and Ava beginning their quest to take the other one down. Ava is after her new husband’s money and Nik is looking to keep it all from her. It’s a cat and mouse game and spoilers say that they will be using both Franco and Liz to their advantage.

In the previews for Monday’s episode, Nik is seen confronting Liz about helping him, while Ava is all ears when it comes to what Franco has to say. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central teases that Ava will be plotting her next move. What will that be? It stands to reason that her next move will include Franco. She has enlisted him to paint her portrait so she can hang it up at Wyndemere in place of Helena’s portrait. There are no details just yet on how Nik feels about that, but fans will find out soon enough.

Nik may take full advantage of that. According to the terms of the prenup that Nikolas reluctantly signed, Ava has to remain faithful to the marriage or she loses everything she desires. Fans of General Hospital are pretty sure that these two newlyweds will give into each other and get their romance on before all of this is over, but in the meantime they will be playing their games hoping to beat the other one at it.

Spoilers said that Liz and Franco would be caught in the middle of Nik and Ava’s marriage and it looks like that that is beginning to take place starting this week. On the other side of the coin, Ava will be very interested on Monday to hear from Franco that Nik and Liz had an affair in the past. That may just work to her advantage somehow.

Franco is not the only friend that Ava has these days as she has been confiding in her new BFF, Nina Reeves. The two ladies have been a strange sort of comfort to each other and have been giving the other one advice on their men. Nikolas is also expected to open up to Liz, most likely about all that is going on in his marriage. He may even reveal what he plans on doing about Ava.

Rumor has it that he will be trying to bring his wife and Liz’s husband closer so he can nab Ava for being unfaithful. It sounds like he has some type of plan and may try to talk Liz into helping him, but that may just be way too much for him to ask of her.