Anna Katharina Rocks Pink Sports Bra And Leggings To Annoy Her Boyfriend At The Gym In New Video

Anna Katharina attends the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival
David Becker / Getty Images

Anna Katharina showed just how goofy she can be in the most recent video on her Instagram page. In the brief clip, the blond beauty was at the gym with her boyfriend, model/realtor Davey Fischer. But Anna clearly wasn’t in the mood to focus on the workout, as the video captured her striking a couple of goofy bodybuilding poses behind his back.

He quickly turned around but she continued with her poses, amping up the hilarity as the video went on. Davey looked at her for a moment before placing his hands on his waist and sending a bemused expression toward the camera.

Anna did all of her goofiness while wearing a bright pink sports bra and matching leggings. On the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, Davey opted for a gray T-shirt and loose-fitting blue shorts for their gym outing.

In the comments, fans seemed to enjoy the couple’s cuteness.

“Nothing like having a funny partner,” one person wrote.

“Poor Davey,” another commenter quipped.

Anna saw the comment and replied with some more humor.

“Deep down he’s like proud of me and thinking babe you’re flexin on them too hard!!!” she wrote.

Another fan commented on the fact that both Anna and Davey have very chiseled physiques.

“I don’t know how you two get away with having your guns out in public so often in this liberal state! I’m all for it though!! @daveyfisher,” they remarked.

Another fan called Anna a pink “She-Hulk,” a moniker that aptly described her poses. Another seemed unable to understand how Davey puts up with his girlfriend. Although it seems like a comment she would respond to based on her previous replies, Anna has not said anything back to this Instagram user, as of this writing.

This isn’t the first time that Davey has popped up in one of Anna’s Instagram posts. In a previous series of car photos posted after Valentine’s Day, the two were all smiles as they posed for the camera in the first photo. In the second, Anna kissed Davey on his cheek.

In the caption, Anna revealed that they both have very different personalities that somehow manage to complement each other well.

“Your weird fits my weird, and your carefree attitude calms my crazy,” she wrote. “Thank you for the best vday weekend.”

The post has been liked over 10,000 times since it was posted and more than 100 Instagram users have commented on it.