'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Peter Weber Has Questions For Victoria Fuller Ahead Of Their Fantasy Suite Time

During the next episode of The Bachelor, spoilers detail that Peter Weber will finally have the opportunity for alone time with his final three ladies during the overnight dates. Peter's time with finalist Victoria Fuller has been filled with some intense moments of conflict, and a new preview suggests that there is more of that on the way before the duo can head to the Fantasy Suite.

The new sneak peek was shared via The Bachelor Twitter page on Friday. The preview shows Victoria in a dressy gown joining Peter for dinner in an exotic and romantic spot. This means that at this stage, Peter and Victoria have already spent time together with a daytime portion of their date in Australia. If things go well at dinner, he'll have the opportunity to invite her to the overnight portion of the date.

As is often the case when it comes to Peter and Victoria, The Bachelor spoilers hint that dinner will have some conflict. At the beginning of the preview, Peter is seen acknowledging that he has a lot of questions for Victoria. As the two get started with their dinner, Victoria will note that she thinks they need to talk about how they communicate, noting that communication is a huge part of a relationship.

The Bachelor spoilers share that next, Victoria will ask Peter to tell her exactly what he needs from her. In response, Peter tells her that he needs 100 percent confidence in knowing that he can always count on her. He'll point out that they have struggled with her trying to pull away and walk away, and Victoria will acknowledge this has been the case.

As the clip continues, Victoria is seen getting flustered as she struggles to articulate her thoughts. She'll tell Peter she doesn't know what he wants and The Bachelor spoilers show that he'll lean in and try to comfort and reassure her.

Will this discussion derail Peter and Victoria's overnight date? The Bachelor spoilers hint that ultimately, it doesn't. All signs point toward the two spending the night in the Fantasy Suite. Additional spoilers suggest that this time together later causes challenges for Peter once he gets to his date with Madison Prewett.

This journey has been a challenging one for Peter and Victoria with plenty of stops and starts. Will this overnight date seal the deal for them as a couple or provide the clarity he needs to finally let her go for good? The Bachelor spoilers suggest the latter and fans will learn a lot more when Episode 9 airs on Monday, February 24.