Amanda Bynes' Parents Reportedly Not Allowing Her To 'Legally Get Married'

Amanda Bynes may be engaged, but it is "unlikely" that she will be able to legally marry her fiancé of three months, according to a new report.

"Amanda's parents are fully aware of her engagement and at this point are not approving Amanda to legally get married under the conservatorship," a source explained to E! News.

The former Nickelodeon star has been under conservatorship since 2014, with her mother, Lynn, serving as her conservator. At that time, Amanda found herself in a rough place after some "involuntary psychiatric holds" and "run-ins" with law enforcement. While it is unclear what will happen later this year, she will need her parents' approval if she plans on getting married before the conservatorship -- which was extended by two years in 2018 -- expires.

Not helping matters is the fact that Amanda's parents have not even met her fiancé. Although the actress has been dating her new man, Paul Michael, for two months, she has yet to introduce him to her mother and father. Whether or not that is intentional is unknown, but she hasn't kept the engagement quiet.

Amanda posted a photo of her engagement ring to Instagram on Valentine's Day. Flaunting a large diamond on her left ring finger, the All That star gushed that she was engaged and called Paul the "love of her life." A source recently told TMZ that he reportedly purchased the ring from Amazon for only $49. Although the diamond apparently isn't real, Amanda is allegedly telling people that she is "fine" with it being "fake."

The person that spoke to TMZ echoed the E! News insider that claimed a wedding won't likely happen for Amanda in the near future. According to TMZ's source, her family doesn't feel it is in her "best interest" to get married right now. Not only that, but they reportedly believe that her relationship with Paul may be a rebound from her last one.

The She's the Man actress kept her fiance's identity a secret at first, but shared a photo of him with her Instagram followers a day after announcing her engagement. On Thursday, she finally introduced him to her fans on the social media platform by posting a video in which she called him "drop-dead gorgeous," adding that she is "so lucky."

Little else is known about the man that has Amanda so smitten, though. Reports claim that the pair met at a sober living house, though they are not currently living together.