WWE Rumors: Company Officials Reportedly Divided On Promising Superstar

WWE superstar Matt Riddle has made the headlines recently for the wrong reasons, with reports stating that Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar aren't fans of the way he approaches the business. However, according to a new report by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, by the way of Sportskeeda, some high-ranking officials behind the scenes are fans of "The King of Bros."

According to Meltzer, the former UFC fighter is a divisive figure behind the scenes. In some people's eyes, he could be the next big thing, but there also appears to be some truth to the rumors that his tendency to call legends out without approval is frowned upon.

"The current view at the top on Riddle is that there are some who think he's got magic and others who don't see it, but the key in his situation is his 'lack of understanding of politics' which translated would seem to be trying to do programs with Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar without going to them first."
Meltzer is referring to incidents where Riddle criticized Goldberg's wrestling skills and revealed his intent to retire Lesnar. Both of the veteran superstars have also confronted the rookie backstage about his antics, but it hasn't stopped him from running his mouth on social media and in promos at NXT live events.
Meltzer also revealed that "The King of Bros" has even been compared to Randy Orton backstage, which is no small feat. However, the journalist also said the company doesn't want any superstars causing a commotion behind the scenes as it could affect the morale of other wrestlers, and Riddle's outspoken and brash behavior could do just that.

One senior member of WWE management who reportedly approves of Riddle's behavior, however, is Triple H. As The Inquisitr recently reported, "The Game" thinks the superstar is very entertaining and also revealed that McMahon hasn't voiced his disapproval yet either -- despite recent reports stating otherwise.

Triple H has been pushing Riddle in NXT as well. The superstar is currently one half of the black-and-gold brand's Tag Team Champions, so it's clear that some people backstage hold him in high regard. Of course, that could all change when he gets promoted to the main roster at a later date.

It remains to be seen how Riddle's outspoken nature will affect his WWE career, but there's no denying that he's confident and stands out from the pack. There's a chance his attitude may eventually serve him well.