Jordyn Woods Clears Up Speculation That She’s The Kangaroo On ‘The Masked Singer’

Leon BennettGetty Images

Jordyn Woods has denied that she’s the celebrity wearing the Kangaroo costume on the current season of The Masked Singer. Although she claimed to watch the show in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the entrepreneur/media personality said that she is not one of the contestants.

“That’s crazy,” she said “No, I love that show so much. My sister and I watch it all the time. I wish I could be on that show.”

According to the article, Jordyn went on to add that she’s a big fan of The Kangaroo. She then claimed that she hadn’t watched a couple of the recent episodes and said that she needed to “catch up.”

Several viewers have taken to social media to speculate that Jordyn is the woman in the marsupial costume.

“I’m late to the party but I think @jordynwoods is the #kangaroo on #TheMaskedSinger @MaskedSingerFOX.” one person tweeted.

Many fans seemed convinced that Jordyn is the Kangaroo because of a comment the contestant made in the most recent episode. In a Valentine’s Day card clue to guest panelist Leah Remini, the performer said that they had once sat at the same table as The King of Queens actress. Twitter sleuths have concluded that this is definitive proof that Jordyn is in the costume because both women have been guests on Red Table Talk — Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook talk show.

“Last night, the Kangaroo gave the hint to Leah Remini that they’ve sat at the same table!” a second Twitter user wrote. “And Jordyn Woods and her did the Red table talk. The kangaroo is Jordyn Woods!!!! Y’all can’t tell me I’m wrong!!!!”

In the comments under the YouTube video of The Kangaroo’s recent performance, some viewers doubted that it was Jordyn because the person in the costume has a great voice and there seems to be no evidence on the Internet that she can sing. But as Vulture notes, there are reportedly old Snapchat videos of Jordyn singing.

If Jordyn told a fib to Entertainment Tonight to quell the rumors about her participation in The Masked Singer, she wouldn’t be the first contestant to do so. Joey Fatone, who wowed audiences as the Rabbit in Season 1, denied that he was a contestant in an interview with People NOW, as reported by Pop Culture. However, lying about the speculation is understandable, as the series is based on using the clues provided to figure out the performers’ identity. That means fans will just have to wait and see whether their predictions are correct.