Donald Trump Is The ‘First Black President,’ Says Conservative Author

U.S. President Donald Trump looks back at journalists after welcoming Mongolian President Battulga Khaltmaa to the White House July 31, 2019 in Washington, DC.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

On a recent episode of his eponymous Newsmax TV show, conservative author Wayne Allyn Root said that Donald Trump is the “first black president,” per The Independent’s Indy100.

Root noted the historically low employment for black Americans and pointed to a 2015 Fox News column he penned in which he claimed that Trump would be the “the greatest black president ever.”

“You’re gonna say I’m crazy, we know he’s not black but you remember Bill Clinton was white and they called him ‘the first black president,'” he continued.

“So, I’m calling Trump ‘the first black president’ because he’s so good with money, he so good with the economy, he’s so good with jobs and I think you’ll find that once he is elected he will be the greatest president for black Americans ever.”

The Jerusalem Post reports that Root, who was the Libertarian Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2008, previously stirred controversy when he said that Democratic Jews are showing a “total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” Root called Trump the “greatest president” for both Jews and Israel in the history of the world and claimed that Jewish people view him as the “second coming of God.”

Despite his controversial history, Root is not the only one to believe Trump’s approach to the African American community is effective. CNN’s Van Jones previously noted Trump’s purported decision to focus on the black community in what he called a play to divide them against Latinos using his border enforcement. He also noted that the president’s approach to gaining the support of African American voters could work.

“What he was saying to African Americans can be effective,” he said.

Back in November, black author and Trump supporter Deneen Borelli suggested that the president’s African American support didn’t bode well for Democrats. The comment was a reference to a Rasmussen poll in which 34 percent of black likely voters said they approve of Trump’s presidency. The survey came just one day after an Emerson poll in which 34.5 percent of such voters said the same.

Interestingly, Axios reported in January that a new Washington Post-Ipsos poll found that 83 percent of African Americans in the United States believe that Trump is a racist and has made the country’s racial problems worse. According to the survey, African Americans are optimistic about the state of their personal lives but worried about their communities, with 65 percent of respondents saying that it’s not a good time to be a black American. Conversely, 77 percent of the survey respondents said it’s a good time for white Americans.