February 21, 2020
Tobias Rathjen, Racist German Mass Shooter, Says Donald Trump 'Implements My Recommendations,' In Manifesto

Tobias Rathjen, the 43-year-old self-described "incel" who killed nine people during a shooting rampage in Hanua, Germany, before committing suicide on Wednesday left behind a 24-page, hate-filled manifesto in which he called for "destructive" races and ethnic groups to be "completely exterminated," according to an account by Time. In the racist screed, Rathjen also made one mention of Donald Trump who he said, "implements my recommendations."

In the manifesto, Rathjen said that he had doubt that Trump did so knowingly. Instead, according to the Time account, he suggested that Trump may be under some form of "mind control."

In addition to murdering nine individuals at two hookah lounges in Hanau, a suburb of Frankfurt, Germany, Rathjen also killed his own mother, bringing the death toll in the rampage to 11, including his own suicide.

The nine victims other than Rathjen and his mother were all from immigrant backgrounds, mostly of Turkish descent, according to the Time account. German authorities are investigating the mass shooting as an incident of right-wing extremist terrorism.

In March of 2019, another right-wing extremist carried out a mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. The New Zealand rampage killed an astonishing 49 people, all members of the Muslim religion, at two mosques. That alleged shooter, Brenton Tarrant, also posted a manifesto mentioning Trump, describing him as a "symbol of renewed white identity."

Mourners gather in Hanau, Germany.
Getty Images | Thomas Lohnes
Mourners gather at a memorial for victims of the Hanau, Germany, shootings.

Rathjen's manifesto was also reportedly filled with conspiracy theories that resemble those advocated by the Trump-supporting "QAnon" movement in the U.S., which believes that Trump is the victim of an ongoing secret campaign by the "deep state" — a claim that Trump himself had made repeatedly.

In addition to his extreme racist views, Rathjen also described himself as an "incel" who had not experienced a relationship with a woman for 18 years, according to an account by The Sun.

The term "incel" is an abbreviation of "involuntary celibate" and is used by men who blame women generally for their own inability to enter into or sustain sexual relationships with any women at all. The shooters in mass murders taking place in California in 2014, and Toronto, Canada, in 2018 have also self-identified as "incels," according to The Sun account.

Rathjen's manifesto also appears to indicate a high degree of paranoia, claiming that he had been driven by voices in his head for his entire life, and that he was constantly under surveillance by secret agents, according to an account by The Guardian.

Though German authorities believe that 13,000 "potentially dangerous" right-wing extremists are currently active in the country, according to The Guardian, Rathjen was reportedly not known to the country's law enforcement or intelligence agencies.