Lucie Rose Donlan Poses On Her Knees In Black Lingerie On Instagram

Lucie Rose Donlan shared a flirty new Instagram update yesterday that showed her posing on her knees in black lingerie. The set consisted of a black bra and teddy, and she appeared to be having a blast.

The blonde posed on top of a bed with white fuzzy blankets. She popped her left hip, holding a container of bronzer in her left hand and a brush in her right hand. It looked like she was brushing some of the product onto her right shoulder. Lucie tilted her head to the left, closing her eyes and smiling widely for the shot.

The teddy that she wore had a plunge neckline that would have left nothing to the imagination if Lucie didn't wear a black bra on top. In fact, the teddy's neckline dipped inches below her cleavage and featured lace accents with a scalloped lace trim on the hem. The model's cleavage and tiny waist were on full display along with her toned legs.

The former Love Island star wore her hair down in pronounced curls with some of her locks brushed in front of her left shoulder. Her makeup application included shimmery pink eye shadow and glossy lipstick that added to the flirty vibe.

Beside her on the bed were a couple of dark gray and white pillows, and the headrest was light blue. It was decorated with a string of white daisy flower lights along the top. Plus, there was an abstract piece of art on the wall that featured wavy lines and a floating shelf could be spotted on the side of the frame.

Lucie's followers took to the comments section to talk about her good looks.

"Stunning as always Iconic Babe," gushed an admirer.

"Thee [sic] queen is in the building. I love you lucie thee [sic] most beautiful lady in the world," raved a second fan.

"You look incredible secret or no secret," declared a supporter, referring to the caption.

"Phew thank god for that!! Thought the work was ending for a second," joked a fan.

Although Lucie shares lingerie pics from time to time, she is spotted more frequently in bikinis. That was the case on January 26, when she rocked a lace ensemble with cowboy boots. The sensation stood with her shoulder facing the camera as she placed her right foot on top of an ottoman. She glanced at the camera with a flirty expression on her face with her lips slightly parted. Her wavy locks cascaded around both shoulders in the eye-catching snap.