Blond Bombshell Sarah Houchens Rocks Pink Thong Bikini While Showing Off Her Round Booty

Sarah Houchens takes a selfie.
Sarah Houchens / Instagram

Sarah Houchens steamed up Instagram in a tiny bikini for her most recent update. The blond bombshell shared the pics with her fans on Friday.

In the sexy snaps, Sarah looked gorgeous as she donned a hot pink bikini with black detailing on it. The tiny two-piece boasted thin spaghetti straps and thong bottoms. The suit showed off the model’s toned arms, shapely bust, tiny waist, flat tummy, curvy hips, lean legs, and perfect booty.

Sarah wore her long, golden locks parted to the side and styled in sleek, straight strands that fell behind her. In the first photo, the fitness model grabbed a fistful of her hair as she tugged at her bikini bottoms and gave a seductive look into the camera. The second shot featured Sarah in a similar pose as she looked down at the ground.

The Instagram hottie also opted for a full face of makeup in the photos. The application consisted of sculpted eyebrows, thick lashes, and black eyeliner. She completed the glam look with shimmering highlighter on her face, pink blush on her cheeks, and dark pink lipstick.

In the background of the photos, trees and other foliage can be seen. In the caption, Sarah gave her fans five tips for a better booty.

Many of the model’s 703,000-plus followers fell in love with the snaps, clicking the “like” button more than 7,800 times and leaving over 180 comments in short order.

“Your [sic] perfect!! You have definitely put in the work and created the perfect body!” one of Sarah’s followers wrote in the comments section.

“OMG I’VE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN YOUR [sic] A [sic] ANGEL SENT FROM THE HEAVENS,” remarked another adoring fan.

“Absolutely stunning babe, well deserved. Thanks for sharing,” a third social media user told the model.

“Your beauty has no boundaries Sarah as you look absolutely stunning,” complimented a fourth admirer.

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Top 5 Tips: BOOTY Growth ???????? _ 1️⃣ Use activation exercises before any booty workout (booty bands are great here!) 2️⃣ Consistency: train GLUTES 3x/week 3️⃣ Combine compound and isolated exercises in your routine (ie. hip thrusts & donkey kicks) 4️⃣ Post workout fuel: you have to eat to grow! Make sure you replenish with quality carbs and protein ???????????????? 5️⃣ Use resistance (booty) bands ???? _ Spring break & summer is coming – If you want a bikini ready body, well then buy a cute bikini ???????? . But if you do wanna focus on a bit of booty growth these next couple months- I give my full weekly booty workouts in my 4 and 8 week workout guides: _ Comment below if you have any other fitness related questions???????? _ #fitnessmotivation #glutestraining #gluteworkout #fitnessjourney #fitgirls #fitnessblogger #personaltrainer #bikinibody #bikinilife #tropical #springbreak

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As many fans already know, the model is no stranger to showing off her gym-honed curves online. She’s often seen posing in scanty bikinis, booty shorts, sports bras, tiny tops, and tight pants.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sarah impressed her fans on Instagram last week when she posed in some frilly red lingerie. She did so while lounging in bed to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Those photos were also a huge hit among Sarah’s followers. To date, those snaps have raked in more than 9,700 likes and over 170 comments.