February 21, 2020
Marie Osmond, 60, Shows Off Trim Figure In Makeup Tutorial Alongside Daughter Brianna

Marie Osmond, 60, showed off her trim figure on the set of The Talk alongside her daughter Brianna, who also briefly appeared in a video clip as she assisted her mother with a makeup tutorial. The two women shared the products that Marie uses to achieve her flawless makeup fashion. The entertainer posted one video clip and one still photo to Instagram.

Marie stood alongside her hairstylist Cody Renegar, who also revealed details of Marie's new hairstyle.

The singer shared a video to show the stunning colors that were used to create her facial look. Marie's youthful face lends itself to myriad makeup looks. Yet, her daughter Brianna tends to stick to muted palettes to play up Marie's expressive eyes and eyebrows for her appearances on the CBS daytime talk show.

The eye palette was pink with a smudge of darker color at the ends of the singer's eyes, drawn out to match her eyeliner. Marie's eyes are usually lined in black kohl, a makeup fashion that has become her trademark style. It draws attention to her almond-shaped eyes. Lots of black mascara finished her eye fashion.

As for her cheeks and lips, Brianna used more shades of pink in muted tones.

Marie loved the overall look, calling it "simple and playful" in the clip.

Standing alongside Cody and Brianna, Marie also revealed that earlier in the morning, Cody had cut her hair with some fringe at the bottom so it would have lots of movement. She demonstrated its swing by turning her head back and forth for the camera.

Marie's body-hugging pink shirt, the color her face fashion was based upon, was paired with dark jeans that had a fun twist. The bottoms fell into a slight bell at the ankles. On the bottom of the pants were zippers that could be pulled up and down depending on the style of the shoe a person was wearing.

For this particular day of filming, Marie chose stunning and sparkling silver booties.

The look was accented with some seriously stunning jewelry. Marie wore a dainty gold necklace paired with a matching gold bracelet and large earrings in a circular pattern. She wore her large engagement ring from husband Steven Craig and an oversized black circular ring with a series of rhinestones surrounding it.

Fans loved the way Marie and Brianna explained how the makeup was applied and the colors they used. They shared their thoughts on both the image and the video in the post's comments section.

"You go girl!!!! Pink is my fave color!! Super cute earrings!! Hi Brianna!!" said one fan.

"Marie — you always look stunning — but you're also timeless!!! Peace and love," shared a second Instagram user.

"Wow! 60 today is not the 60 of 40 years ago and aren't we glad!!! You are older than the actress who portrayed Aunt Bea on Andy Griffith! Isn't that flippy to think about!" said a third fan.