Mathilde Tantot Flaunts Booty In Tight White Pants On Instagram

Mathilde Tantot takes a selfie.
Mathilde Tantot / Instagram

Mathilde Tantot shared a sizzling new photo to her Instagram page yesterday that was all about her booty. She wore tight white pants and a matching top, all while posing in front of a couple of posters and joking about her “girls.”

The model faced her back to the camera for the snap that was cropped from her chest down to her upper thighs. She stood with her feet apart and flaunted her toned legs, while arching her back to emphasize her curvy derrière. She playfully placed the tag for Fashion Nova right on her booty to promote their pants. They were low-waisted with a tight fit and had two small back pockets.

The sensation completed her outfit with a fuzzy white crop top that left her tiny waist on display. The color of the light ensemble contrasted against her deep tan.

The stunner wore her hair down and brushed behind her back — a hint of her locks were able to be seen at the top of the frame.

Mathilde stood in what appeared to be a bedroom for the shot. She posed in between two posters. The one on the right was a white-and-red drawing of a pouty girl with her bangs framing the left side of her face. The same image was repeated vertically at least three times. The poster on the left was in color and depicted a girl with short black hair holding an orange gun in her left hand. She had bandages on her cheek and fingers. The entire image had a soft, purple glow to it.

The beauty’s followers took to the comments section to leave Mathilde various compliments for her stunning display.

“You are so beautiful oh my gosh,” raved an admirer.

“I love the constant anime and cartoon imagery,” wrote a second social media user.

“Where are the posters from?” a third fan asked.

“Emrata inspiration!” exclaimed a fourth supporter, referring to Emily Ratajkowski, with many others also noting the parallel between the two models.

Commentators seemed to be referring to an Instagram post from Emily that she shared on January 19. In the upload, she wore white pants and struck a similar pose, although her pants were rolled down and Mathilde’s were not.

Mathilde seems to be a fan of highlighting her booty on Instagram. On February 11, she posted a series of her wearing a thong bodysuit. The first snap was similar to her newest share in that she faced her back to the camera and showed off her behind. However, it showed more of the model, as it was cropped from her ears down to her thighs. She placed both hands in front of her on a door and her skin glowed thanks to the use of a flash.