Tammy Hembrow Flaunts Taut Tummy & Sculpted Figure In Workout Video

Tammy Hembrow attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on August 26, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Tammy Hembrow decided to demonstrate some ab exercises on Thursday for her 10.8 million Instagram followers. In a four-part video post, the fitness model showed off her muscular figure and her favorite core-strengthening exercises during a floor workout at the gym.

For the workout, the mother-of-two wore a black sports bra that showed off her cleavage and left her tummy on full display, giving viewers an eyeful of her chiseled abs. The top also revealed many of the gym buff’s tattoos, including two on her left arm and others on her back. She added a pair of black, ultra-tight leggings to finish the look, which clung to her famed booty and curvy thighs. A pair of high, white socks, white shoes, and black ankle weights completed the outfit.

Tammy also a pair of white AirPods as she moved through her workout. She pulled her long, thick blonde tresses back into a French braid that was knotted at the base of her neck. The fitness guru added black mascara, black eyeliner, and glossy lips while showing off her long, manicured finger nails.

In the first video, Tammy uses an upside-down Bosu ball to challenge her core muscles and make the most of the workout. With her arms supporting her weight on the ball, the model alternated pulling each leg across and under her body.

The exercise that Tammy performed in the second video had her laying back on the Bosu ball, now placed right-side up. She bent her legs at the knee and moved into a series of basic crunches. The third exercise was similar to the second in that Tammy continued with the crunches as she layid back on the ball. However, instead of bending her body straight up at the waist, she twisted her torso during each crunch.

The final exercise featured the fitness model sitting on top of the ball with her arms supporting her weight behind her. She performed a series of crunches, pulling her bent knees towards her chest while pushing off her arms to move her torso forward at the same time.

In the caption, Tammy wrote that she’s in her happy place, while encouraging her followers to try the Bosu ball exercises in a circuit. The model’s followers left her over 800 comments in which they asked for her expertise on a number of issues related to their personal fitness journey while also complimenting her on her sculpted figure.

“That looks like an awesome workout!,” one Instagram user commented.