Ex-NFL Star Chad Johnson Paid A Woman’s Rent After She Asked For Help On Twitter To Avoid Eviction

Chad Johnson sent money to a Twitter fan to help them avoid getting evicted.

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Chad Johnson sent money to a Twitter fan to help them avoid getting evicted.

Chad Johnson made a name for himself as an all-world wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL and is now becoming known for his immense generosity. Last week a fan on Twitter tweeted at Johnson in hopes he could help them pay off their past-due rent. After they supplied evidence it appears he sent them money to take care of the issue.

Fans of the man they call “Ochocinco” know that he is prone to helping fans in need. A woman named Shaunie B on Twitter, whose bio says she lives in Columbus, Ohio, reached out to the former Bengal for some help.

She mentioned seeing Johnson give financial aid to fans in the past and told him that she had not paid this month’s rent. To make matters worse she claimed the rental office was threatening to evict her if she did not come up with the money.

“You always blessing people.. I know this is a stretch but I need help with my rent, I haven’t paid this month and if I don’t pay today I’m being threatened to be evicted, can you please help?,” she tweeted to the six-time Pro Bowler along with a crying-face emoji.

Even though he has over 3.3 million followers, Johnson noticed the woman’s tweet, and responded that he would be happy to help if she could provide proof of the money owed.

“Show me today’s deadline notice & we’ll handle it,” he tweeted back with two exclamation mark emojis.

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The woman was elated and admitted she was surprised to get a response. She replied back with a picture of an “Intention To Enter Dwelling” notice from Walnut Glen Apartments in Columbus, along with a screenshot of a conversation with the property’s bookkeeper.

In the text correspondence the rental office said they could not wait any longer for the payment and would be filing an eviction notice the next day. Texts showed Shaunie asking to stay until Monday so she could figure out another place to live.

Seeing these photos was all Johnson needed to agree to help the fan out by not only sending her rent for February, but enough to cover several months.

“Sis they got us all the way f*cked up, DM me your zelle & we will pay a few months in advance,” the 42-year-old tweeted back.

This is not the first time Ocho Cinco helped a fan pay their rent. As covered by Bleacher Report, last February a fan said they were facing eviction and Johnson generously offered to take care of it.