Dwight Howard Promises Payback After Shot To Face By David Lee In Lakers’ Loss

Dwight Howard is not happy with a hit to the jaw David Lee got away with Monday night

Dwight Howard is promising payback after getting hit in the jaw by David Lee’s elbow in the Los Angeles Lakers 109-103 loss to the Golden State Warriors Monday night. Howard claims Lee, “got away with a shot” and vowed to “take care of it later.”

Dwight Howard will get his shot at payback when the Warriors visit the Lakers in Los Angeles on April 12. It will be the final meeting between the two teams this season.

The play Howard is upset about happened just before half time. He was charged with a technical foul on David Lee. However, Lee appeared to push his elbow into Howard’s jaw on his shot, upsetting Howard, who went to the bench with a bloody lip.

Howard’s lip required three stitches. After the game he had a simple message for David Lee:

“I will remember this game. I will remember that shot. He said he wasn’t trying to do it. You can look at the play and see it for yourself. I will take care of it later.”

The whole game was filled with tension between the two teams. The Warriors are trying to get to the playoffs for the first time in six seasons and came out with more energy than their southern rival. At one point Golden State had a 25-point lead and looked invincible.

Lakers player didn’t take kindly to the beat down. Before Dwight Howard’s technical foul, Metta World Peace was seen exchanging words with David Lee before patting him on the head.

Even Warriors coach Mark Jackson seemed to get in the spirit after the game. He said:

“We are the better basketball team. They are in the rearview mirror and I have not checked it and I will not.”

Dwight Howard’s payback will have to wait. The two teams won’t meet for another two weeks and the Lakers have much bigger worries than a revenge game. They currently sit one game above the Utah Jazz for the eight seed in the playoffs. If the season ended in a tie between the teams, the Jazz own the tiebreaker.

The best thing for Dwight and the Lakers to do right now is focus on the present. The loss to Golden State was the Lakers third straight. You can’t dwell on the past in sports if you want to move forward in a positive way.

Do you think Dwight Howard will get his payback when the Warriors visit the Lakers in two weeks?