Jennifer Garner Allegedly 'Impressed' That Ben Affleck Admitted Their Divorce Was His Biggest Regret

In a recent interview with The New York Times, actor Ben Affleck got very candid about his past struggles with alcoholism and some of his biggest regrets in life, which included his divorce from actress Jennifer Garner. In response to Affleck's admission, Garner is allegedly "impressed" that her ex-husband is "trying hard to be a better man," reports Hollywood Life.

The outlet's insider went on to say that Garner doesn't have any desire to rekindle their romantic relationship, but she "only hopes the best for him."

Garner has been dating John Miller since October 2018, while Affleck has been linked to various women over the years, in addition to using dating apps. That said, Affleck and Garner have maintained a very close and friendly relationship since their divorce as they share three children. They were married for almost 13 years.

The source close to Garner told Hollywood Life that "His honest approach really made her feel good."

"The fact that he is admitting to his struggles and mentioned his biggest regret was losing her, although it is sad, it is also something she really appreciates hearing," the insider continued.

Some fans have been hopeful that Affleck's openness could lead to an eventual reconciliation between the two, but the Hollywood Life article reports that is not likely to happen, although they are working on strengthening their friendship and being better co-parents.

"Seeing him fight his demons that she has wanted him to fight for so long shows that her words haven't gone unheard. She really respects him a lot more than what she has over the last couple of years."
Not everyone on social media wants the couple to get back together. Many Twitter users vocalized their support for Garner and were happy about the fact she had moved on and found a new relationship in the aftermath of the divorce. They also admired the couple's grace toward one another despite not being together anymore.His divorce wasn't the only thing Affleck discussed during his interview with The New York Times. He also opened up about the real reason he exited The Batman. Reportedly his time in the DCEU was very taxing. A friend warned him that he would drink himself to death if he continued to play the iconic role.

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