Amanda Bynes' Parents Have Reportedly Never Met Her Fiancé Paul Michael

On Valentine's Day, actress Amanda Bynes announced that she was engaged. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bynes may not be able to get married until she has her permission from her mother, who is her conservator. But according to a new exclusive from Entertainment Tonight, Bynes has not even introduced him to her family yet.

The outlet's source claims that Bynes' fiancé is 28-year-old Paul Michael. The two allegedly met approximately two months ago at a sober living facility, although they are not currently living together.

In December, ET reported that she had checked herself out of a sober living facility. Yesterday, the publication claimed that days after leaving the facility, the judge presiding over her conservatorship case ordered her to return.

If the insider is correct about the actress not introducing Michael to her family, then she may not be able to get married. For the wedding to happen, both her mother and the judge have to approve it under the law. Neither Bynes nor her attorney has commented on the legal ramifications of the case at this time.

The report does not indicate if Bynes is hiding her engagement or simply hasn't had a chance to introduce him yet.

After barely posting on Instagram for a while, Bynes has been sharing quite a few posts as of late. First, she shared a photo of her engagement ring, and then she followed it up with a photo that showed her and her fiancé together. Since then, she has shared an additional photo of herself and Michael and a video thanking her many fans for support and teasing her next business venture.

Earlier tonight, the She's the Man actress shared two more pics of herself and Michael together. In all of Bynes' recent shares, her heart-shaped facial tattoo has been highly evident. She was also sporting a silver septum piercing.

Within an hour of going live, Bynes' latest post amassed over 11,000 likes. The comment section has been turned off.

Fans on social media have continued to be supportive of Bynes, although the new allegations about Bynes' not introducing her fiancé to her family, particularly her conservator, does have some of them concerned for her wellbeing.

"I'm so glad she has a conservator. She definitely needs one," wrote one person.

"I'd say let her be as long as she's not doing any harm to herself & that she's happy. Just saying," wrote a second user.