Pauline Tantot Stuns In Mini Dress With A High Slit On Instagram

Pauline Tantot takes a selfie.
Pauline Tantot / Instagram

Pauline Tantot has been sharing a variety of sultry photos to her Instagram feed lately but mixed it up with a new snap of herself in a mini dress. The revealing piece had an extremely high slit on the side that left her hip bare, as she showed off this look across three snaps.

In the first picture, the blonde was photographed with her right shoulder facing the camera and her right hand placed on the counter in front of her. The counter in front of her had various makeup products and bath products scattered about. She propped out her right leg and glanced over with a sultry pout on her face, her lips slightly parted.

Her dress was colorful and featured purple tones along with bright peach, yellow, and white hues, as well as realistic floral designs throughout. The ensemble also featured long sleeves and a short hem, while its high upside-down u-shaped slit was hard to miss. The slit was decorated with three thin horizontal pieces of fabric and added a risqué vibe to her look.

Pauline wore her hair pulled up into a casual ponytail and sported dark mascara and glossy lipstick. Her accessories included multiple ear piercings and a pair of extra-large gold hoop earrings.

The second photo showed the model standing with her left leg popped out, her right arm hugging her midriff, and her left hand raised towards her lips. She closed her eyes and appeared to be contemplating something.

The final snap was similar to the first, except she gazed straight ahead for the camera.

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Her adoring followers took to the comments section to leave their thoughts on the new share.

“Unreal. absolutely perfect,” gushed an admirer.

“Happiness is getting to see your new beautiful posts,” declared a supporter.

“That outfit is whats [sic] up,” raved a third social media user.

One fan asked a question about how she keeps her physique.

“Do you use protein powder to keep your shape/weight since you’re gymming? Ty,” they asked.

“No babe,” responded Pauline.

In addition, the model shared another photo a couple of days ago and showed off her booty, that time wearing just a scarf. The pic was a throwback from her trip to the United Arab Emirates, where the blonde stood with her right shoulder facing the camera and her right leg propped out. The image was taken from a low vantage point, further emphasizing her derrière, which was only half-covered by the plaid scarf that she wrapped around her body.