Fitness Model Krissy Cela Rocks Black Sports Bra And Blue Leggings To Demonstrate Shoulder Warm-Ups

Krissy Cela poses for a photo on her Instagram page
Krissy Cela / Instagram

In a video warming up her shoulder muscles, fitness model Krissy Cela shared some valuable workout wisdom with her Instagram following on Thursday.

Dressed in a black sports bra and powder blue leggings, the brunette beauty started the workout with a series of shoulder dislocations using a long black resistance band. This exercise required her to repeatedly lift the resistance band behind her back, rotating her shoulder joint in the process. Then she moved on to doing upright rows during which she lifted the band to her chin with the other end of it beneath both of her feet. Shoulder rotations came next which were followed by depressions. This latter exercise meant that she had to pull the resistance band down, positioning it behind her head.

In the caption, Krissy stressed the importance of doing warm-up exercises, calling it the “most important aspect of training.” Krissy revealed that she thinks of it as an alarm clock for her muscles to let them know she’s about to work out. She also mentioned their importance in protecting the body from injury and muscle strain.

As of this writing, the video has accumulated more than 17,000 likes and over 180 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans thanked her for the warm-up demonstration

“YES TO THIS,” one person wrote. “Shoulders always always need waking up.”

“Good motivation for my shoulders as my not fav to exercise,” another added.

Others asked her to upload more warm-up demonstrations that target other areas of the body like the back.

Others used the post as an opportunity to compliment Krissy.

“You look so pretty even when you work out,” a third commenter remarked.

“You look so pretty in this. Not that you don’t always. There’s just something special about this,” a fourth person gushed.

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⭐️IF YOU’RE NOT WARM UP YOUR SHOULDERS YOU MIGHT JUST REGRET IT ONE DAY! Wow sorry about the dramatic title but its my responsibility to drill the importance of WARMING UP and ACTIVATION❗️I cannot stress enough that THEE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of training is to adequately warm up before going into a workout. You will thank yourself for taking an extra 5 minutes to really active your muscles prior to an intense workout. As you may know it’s really going to help you prevent injuries and muscle strain by increasing your body temperature. I like to think of a warm up as a personal alarm clock to my muscles “ hey sis wake up we about to workout” Within the @TONEANDSCULPTAPP ???? you will find warm ups, cool downs, stretching and recovering! Everything is important I promise. METHOD: 1️⃣Shoulder Dislocations: 12 Reps 2 Sets 2️⃣Upright Rows: 15 Reps 2 Sets 3️⃣Shoulder Rotations: 10 Reps 2 Sets Each Way 4️⃣Depressions: 12 Reps 2 Sets THIS POST IS SUPER IMPORTANT SO ONCE YOU’VE READ IT AND UNDERSTOOD LEAVE A LITTLE ⭐️ EMOJI IN THE COMMENTS SO I CAN SEE YOU READ IT! ???? Song: Wine by B Young

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This is Krissy’s first workout video since her last Instagram post about the importance of rest. In the caption that accompanied a video of her posing in a black sports bra and briefs, she revealed that she hadn’t exercised in a week and that her body was grateful for it.

“I felt a little bad at first because naturally, you feel like you’re not doing much but my body thanked me for it!” she said. “Back to training tomorrow.”

The clip has been viewed more than 450,000 times and over 600 Instagram users have commented on it.