'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus Shows Off Body After Plastic Surgery

Briana DeJesus recently traveled to Miami to get some plastic surgery done, and on Wednesday, she took to her Instagram stories to show off the results.

"Hey guys, so this is my update. My bellybutton is healing. I really love it. It's so much better than before," Briana said while standing in front of a full-length mirror in her bedroom.

She wore a pair of comfortable sweatpants for the video along with a white tank top to display the results of her recent plastic surgery.

The mom of two also showed off her breast reduction.

"These are my new boobs. They are extremely small, but they fit me. I love them. I'm never going big ever again."
Showing off the bottom part of her body, she said it was "really small" and that she was "really happy" with the results of the surgery.

The Teen Mom 2 star continued to show off other aspects of her body.

"My arms are still pretty swollen, so I'm waiting for them to go down. I'm extremely happy with everything … Still bruised, but my butt is so tiny," she explained as she continued to stand in front of the mirror.

While talking about her results, Briana also revealed that she recently got her tongue pierced, and she was having some trouble talking during the video. However, she didn't show off her latest piercing, but fans will be anxious to see how it turned out.

She continued to share surgery updates, posing in her white tank top and her underwear in another video. Bruising from the surgery is still visible, and she noted that in a quote placed over the video.

Briana had her surgery done by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who is known as Dr. Miami. He is the same surgeon who performed some plastic surgeries for her in the past.

It wasn't just her plastic surgery results and pierced tongue that Briana mentioned in the video, though. She also hinted that there may be a new man in her life.

"Don't kill me bae I'm sorry," Briana said before showing off her surgery results.

The reality show star teased a new boyfriend earlier in the week when she took to Twitter to reveal she was spending time with "bae."

Briana hasn't revealed anything else about the new man that may be in her life, but it sounds like she is happy with both her love life and her plastic surgery results.