Matthew Gray Gubler Shares Sweet Tributes To ‘Criminal Minds’ As Show Wraps Up 15-Season Run

Matthew Gray Gubler filmed as Dr. Spencer Reid in 'Criminal Minds'
Cliff Lipson / CBS

Criminal Minds wrapped up its 15-year run on Wednesday night and star Matthew Gray Gubler treated fans to some sweet farewell thoughts as he said goodbye to the character he has played all this time. Gubler was one of the few cast members who stayed with the CBS show through its entire run and the experience has clearly had a big impact on him.

Gubler shared a powerful post via his Twitter page a few hours before the series finale of Criminal Minds. The photo in the post showed the desk nameplate for his character of Dr. Spencer Reid and next to it were Reid’s badge, gun, and watch. The actor explained that he has carried those three accessories almost every day of the past 15 years.

The Criminal Minds star noted that he will always carry with him the wonderful memories he built with the best fans, cast, and crew that a “fictional crimefighter could ever have.”

While Criminal Minds fans have loved the show and the central cast members intensely over the years, Gubler and the character of Reid have held a special place in the hearts of many viewers. Reid found himself in dire trouble many times over the 15 seasons, and more than once it looked like Gubler himself might leave the show.

Ultimately, however, both Reid and Gubler made it to the very end. The actor’s Twitter post received more than 185,000 likes and almost 35,000 retweets as Criminal Minds fans bid farewell to the series on Wednesday night.

Heading into the Criminal Minds finale, Gubler chatted with TV Line about the experience. As viewers saw, the finale episode began with a Season 1 clip featuring Reid, Derek (Shemar Moore), Hotch (Thomas Gibson), Gideon (Mandy Patinkin), and Elle (Lola Glaudini).

“It’s so funny to see those old episodes because they really honestly feel like we shot them last week, but then I look at how different we are, and how extra-ridiculous my hair might be,” Gubler quipped.

“[I]t’s like saying goodbye to the most ridiculous hairstyles that have ever existed on network television. That’s what I’m having the most trouble letting go, is my horrible haircuts,” the Criminal Minds actor joked.

Gubler noted that he was in both the pilot of the show and the last scene of the series, and it seems he got to operate the camera in both instances. He says that Criminal Minds was such a beautiful presence in his life that it’s more beautiful than emotional to see it end.

From the sounds of things, the last scene of the Criminal Minds finale truly represents how the cast themselves feel as they are saying goodbye to the show. It seems that Gubler was ready to see the series end, but he’s pleased that things ended on a good note in a beautiful way.

The actor did note that Criminal Minds ended in such a way that there are pieces that could be revisited later, should the opportunity arise. Gubler will surely have plenty of opportunities coming up now that his role as Reid is over, but it seems that this show will always hold a special place in his heart.