Kailyn Lowry Shows Off Baby Bump, Reveals ‘Weird’ Pregnancy Cravings

TV personality Kailyn Lowry attends the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.
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By now, most Teen Mom 2 fans know that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with baby No. 4. On Thursday morning, the reality show star gave fans a look at her baby bump and talked about her current pregnancy cravings.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Kailyn shared a video of herself standing in front of her bathroom mirror. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a yellow tie-dyed long sleeve shirt. She wore her long hair up in a bun and didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup. In the video, she lifted up the bottom of her shirt to show off her growing baby bump.

“Baby boy is showing off today,” she wrote over the video, and added an emoji that is laughing so hard it is crying.

Along with showing off her growing baby bump, Kailyn also asked her followers to share their “weirdest” cravings during pregnancy and admitted that she is “weirded out” by her cravings.

“I crave frozen pizza. Not fresh from like a pizzeria lmao. I take back this being weird after reading y’alls replies,” Kailyn tweeted.

Kail’s fans replied with their “weird cravings” as well.

“My first pregnancy I craved sprite from @SUBWAY And I knew if it wasn’t from subway,” one fan said.

“I HAD to have whole milk chocolate tru moo. It could nto be any other kind. I would drink a gallon a day. And now my son is obsessed with milk,” another fan wrote.

It turns out Kailyn isn’t the only one to crave frozen pizza while pregnant.

“I’m with you! When I was prego, I would’ve eaten frozen pizza 24/7. But then when summer hit, I would want a DQ blizzard at night,” a third fan revealed.

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Kailyn later admitted that her cravings may not exactly be weird, but tweeted that they aren’t necessarily “ordinary.”

This is Kailyn Lowry’s fourth child so she has dealt with the pregnancy cravings in the past and has an idea of what to expect during the coming months. She is reportedly set to give birth to her child, another boy, in July. While she has teased some baby names, she hasn’t confirmed what she will be naming her fourth child. She did admit that she has an idea of what name she will pick for him.

Since announcing her pregnancy earlier this month, Kail has been sharing details with her fans, and they can look forward to more updates from the reality show star on social media.