Justin Bieber Shirtless At Airport, No-One Knows Why

Justin Bieber’s ongoing allergy to wearing clothes in public continues. The teen idol has been spotted shirtless at Wladyslaw Reymont Airport in Lodz, Poland.

After playing a sold out concert in Lodz on March 25, the 19-year-old disrobed in a car as it approached the airport on Monday night.

Bieber then walked topless into the terminal in bracing temperatures of about -10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) to his allotted gate, before getting dressed again as he boarded a private jet.

Interest in whether or not the world’s biggest pop star goes shirted or shirtless is sufficiently high that Reuters felt the need to obtain a quote from airport staff.

“He wasn’t told to take off his clothes. He had no metal objects on him,” the Lodz airport spokeswoman said. “He’s quite skinny so I assume he was probably freezing.”

Logical as that thinking may seem to possibly everyone, there may however be method to Bieber’s “eccentricity,” which is how concert organizers described it today.

During the infamous London leg of his Believe tour a few weeks back, after the singer was seen strolling shirtless at night on the city’s streets, actress Olivia Wilde posted a sardonic tweet urging the singer to “… put a f*****g shirt on.”

Presumably piqued, Bieber responded to Wilde’s mocking four days later in a series of tweets that also addressed other gripes. On the shirtless issue, the pop prince explained that after performing for two hours he “… might be sweaty.”

So there you have it. To the untrained eye it may seem as if Bieber is displaying extraordinary vanity, but according to him he only publicly disrobes after performing — which is exactly what he had just been doing on Monday night.

The Lodz show was the 19th European concert on the 125-date Believe world tour. Next stop, Munich, Germany on March 28.

Do you think being “sweaty” is an adequate reason for Bieber’s shirtless state?

[Image via Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]