February 20, 2020
Derek Hough Playfully Films Jennifer Lopez During 'World Of Dance' Taping

Derek Hough shared a clip to Instagram where he playfully filmed Jennifer Lopez on the set of the NBC competition series World of Dance. Derek and Jennifer, along with singer Ne-Yo, appear as judges on the series, which showcases the best dancers in America. The show is in the midst of filming its fourth season for a return to network television.

Derek did not reveal a date the latest season of the show would debut in the accompanying caption but did inform the show's fans that the trio of stars "were back."

The video began with Derek using music to enhance the fun clip.

The former Dancing with the Stars pro counted down with his fingers from five to one, with a serious look on his face. He quickly panned to Jennifer, who had a quizzical look. He quickly moved over to Ne-Yo, who frowned in a joking manner. Derek then panned back to Jennifer, who broke out into a huge and playful smile for the camera.

All three of the judges appeared camera-ready in the clip. Derek's hair was in its usual slicked back style, and his beard and mustache were neatly trimmed.

Ne-Yo was wearing a fashionable men's hat in a light color with a dark band wrapped around the base of the accessory. He paired that with a T-shirt, chain, and a darker colored leather jacket.

The true star of the clip was Jennifer, who was stunning in a bright red dress.

Her hair was being tended to in the Instagram video and her smile was bright and wide as the camera panned toward her. Jennifer's makeup was dramatic, with dark heavily lined eyes and lots of mascara. She matched her lipstick to her fiery red dress. The look was finished off with dangling gold earrings.

None of the stars spoke in the video, but fans could imagine the fun the three co-workers were having together from the brief interaction with one another.

World of Dance is making its return after a one-year hiatus. Fans are thrilled the series is headed back to television and expressed their joy in the comments section of the post.

"I may or may not have just sprinted to my TV thinking that I was missing it," joked a fan of the series, who thought the show had already returned to television when they saw Derek's Instagram video.

"Can't wait to see what season 4 has in store," said a second follower.

"I can't imagine anyone topping The Kings from last season!! So excited for the next season of WOD!!" remarked a third viewer.