'The Masked Singer' Spoilers: Is Frog Rapper Bow Wow?

Everyone's favorite guessing game, The Masked Singer, is back on Fox, which means viewers are desperately trying to figure out who is underneath the costumes.

Last night, the show introduced six more contestants — Frog, Elephant, Kitty, Taco, Mouse, and Banana, per TV Guide.

Someone in particular that stood out was Frog, who most likely isn't a singer. However, they could be a male rapper instead. For their debut performance, they rapped to MC Hammer's iconic single "U Can't Touch This." It seemed they had performing experience as they knew how to command a stage and appeared very confident.

The clues given are that they are short in height and that their metamorphosis has been anything but typical. A newspaper was shown that read "Tadpole plucked from large creek!" Frog said he left stardom as fast as a lightning bolt and remarked that he had to fit in with the big frogs from "jump jump." A poster of the 1996 Olympics was displayed as well as $106.

The panel's guesses were all over the place and not the same as viewers on social media. Scherzinger assumed it could be "One Wish" hitmaker Ray J while Jenny McCarthy said Michael Johnson. Ken Jeong, whose guesses are usually wild, went with Carl Lewis.

On Twitter, fans of the show did not agree with the panelists and believe Frog is "Like You" entertainer Bow Wow.

"The frog is Bow Wow. No doubt about it," one user wrote.

"The Frog sounds just like Bow Wow #MaskedSinger," another shared.

"Less than 30 seconds into his performance and I knew The Frog was Bow Wow," remarked a third fan.

"BOW WOW IS THE FROG! AS SOON AS HE STARTED SINGING I WAS LIKE HOLY F*CK I KNOW THIS VOICE," a fourth account wrote passionately in capital letters.

From the first clues package given, they do add up to Bow Wow.

According to Wattpad, the 1996 newspaper is a reference to the year he performed at the Olympics. The green lightning bolt could be a link to his mixtape series titled Greenlight, and the "metamorphosis" clue could be related to his professional name changing over the years. He started out as Lil' Bow Wow and either goes under his birth name, Shad Moss, or Bow Wow these days.

One of the most obvious giveaways was the $106, which connects to him being a host on 106 and Park.

Last night, Frog was kept in the competition. Therefore, viewers will have to wait a little longer to see if Bow Wow is underneath the costume.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Elephant was voted out and revealed to be skateboarding legend and entrepreneur Tony Hawk.