Andrew Yang Already Has A New Job After Ending Presidential Run

andrew yang with microphone
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang might have only recently ended his presidential campaign, but it appears that he already as another job as CNN’s newest political commentator, reports Politico.

“I’m excited to join @CNN to help shed light on the election and the candidates’ experiences. Learned a lot these past months and am glad to contribute to the public discussion,” Yang announced on his Twitter account.

Many of Yang’s supporters might find the move a surprising one, considering their belief that popular news networks such as CNN often ignored the longshot candidate in favor of more established rivals like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Michael Bloomberg.

In fact, back in October, Yang even demanded an apology from CNN for leaving him off of an infographic that showed the fundraising totals of the Democratic candidates (per The Hill). Though Yang raised $10 million in third quarter fundraising, he was inexplicably left off the image. Instead, it jumped from California Senator Kamala Harris’ haul of $11.6 million to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who totaled $6 million.

Yang joked at the time that he should fund raise $20 million to ensure his spot on the graphic. CNN later apologized and promised to update the image in the future. Yang also demanded an apology from MSNBC, which showed a similar graphic.

That said, many fans of the Schenectady-born businessman are pleased that their candidate will continue to have a voice throughout the election cycle. Yang had been on the forefront of discussing a number of lesser known issues, such as the effects of automation and universal basic income.

Yang’s commentary will be coming as the Democratic race begins to heat up, with many concerned about a contested convention in Detroit this July.

Appearing on CNN could help Yang further raise his profile, and some experts have speculated that the 45-year-old might have accepted the position in part to help any future political ambitions. Already, there has been speculation that the entrepreneur could run for mayor of New York City in 2021, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.

Yang reportedly has the support of Michael Bloomberg for the role, and his team did not rule out a potential mayoral run.

Yang is also one of the two most favored Democratic candidates to be chosen for the role of vice president, as also reported by The Inquisitr. The other favorite is former candidate Kamala Harris.

“Andrew Yang and his bold vision for the country are not going anywhere,” claimed Zach Graumman, Yang’s campaign manager.