Moroccan Airline Apologizes After Racy Picture Of Adult Film Star Valerie Kybad Taken During Flight Goes Viral

Airplanes sit on a runway.
David McNew / Getty Images

A Moroccan airline has issued a public apology after a picture of adult film star Valerie Kybad posing in her underwear during a flight went viral.

As the Express reported, the actress was on board a Royal Air Maroc flight when she took some time out to pose with a man wearing a suit, identified by some as a flight attendant. In one of the shots, Valerie bent over to show off her underwear, appearing to pose in an area of the plane for the flight crew.

Though the picture was reportedly taken late last year, it recently gained some viral attention as it spread on social media. That led to the airline, Morocco’s state-owned company, to issue a public apology on Twitter. The airline denounced what it called “irresponsible behavior” and said that the pictures sullied the reputation of the airline.

As the report noted, the pictures continued to cause a stir in the largely conservative Muslim country and prompted Royal Air Maroc to take action. As Air Live reported, two flight attendants were suspended after the pictures went viral.

In its statement, Royal Air Maroc vowed to live up to the high standards it sets for itself and noted that its employees are mostly dedicated and responsible.

“Following an in-depth investigation which demonstrated the isolated nature of this incident, Royal Air Maroc reacted with the utmost firmness in regards to the people involved and reserves the right to take all legal actions to fix the damage suffered,” the statement read.

“While regretting and firmly condemning this irresponsible behaviour, Royal Air Maroc pays tribute to the professionalism and selflessness of its employees, thousands of women and men totally dedicated to their mission in the service of our customers and our company.”

This is not the first time that an adult film star’s racy public display has caused controversy. Back in 2015, a college student named Kendra Sunderland caused a stir when she filmed a sex act inside her university’s library. The controversy actually led to Sunderland making a career in mainstream adult film and as a popular Instagram model.

Valerie Kybad’s racy airplane photo may have also been a boost to her career. Aside from the stories about her racy on-flight photo shoot, it did not appear that she had much of an online presence before the incident. She certainly has it now, as news outlets from around the globe picked up on the story and thousands of people have viewed the racy pictures she took, which continue to gain traction on social media.