Niece Waidhofer Rocks A Pokémon Shirt & Black Panties, Gives A Lesson On ‘DM Sliding’

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Brunette hottie Niece Waidhofer has shared yet another sexy pic on her Instagram account with her 1.4 million followers. The Texan model posed in front of a full-length mirror at her home in Houston while wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of panties. Niece’s fans went wild over the sultry shot.

Niece chose to wear a Pokémon-themed top, with a white drawing of the legendary monster, Mewtwo, visible on the front. She rolled her shirt up to allow her followers a glimpse of her taut midriff and pelvic region. Niece’s signature pistol tattoos peeked out from beneath the hemline of her undies.

To pose for the shot, Niece toyed with her shirt hem while making a pouty expression at her reflection. The model situated the camera behind her so that it would capture her exceptionally perky backside and her reflection in the mirror. By leaving her long, dark hair loose, Niece allowed it to cascade down her backside, although she left a few tendrils to dangle in front of her face.

Final touches consisted of her trademark black choker and her usual expert application of makeup. As Niece often does, she dabbed smokey eyeshadow on her lids and shaded in her plump lips with an icy pink color of lipstick.

Apart from smoking hot photos, Niece’s many admirers have also come to anticipate a hilarious caption to coincide with her snapshots. Her latest post didn’t disappoint. She wrote a lengthy note about the proper way to slide into someone’s DMs, aptly titling the brief piece “How to Message a Woman For Beginners: DM Sliding 101.” From there, she gave her fans a quick “do” and “do not.” Her list of things to do jokingly referred to Mewtwo once again.

She added a “tip” that appeared to be genuine. Niece recommended that anyone interested in sending a woman a private message should “try to address her in a respectful way,” and try to catch “her eye on a personal level,” by doing research about her interests and hobbies before proceeding.

Within less than six hours of going live, Niece’s post earned more than 76,000 likes and over 1,800 comments. Fans flocked to the comments section to praise the model on her beauty and joke about her caption.

“I’m not giving up my first edition holographic Charizard,” quipped one person.

“Effort is key. Also caption game should be as strong as yours lol,” added a second admirer.

Yesterday, The Inquisitr reported that Niece shared a smoldering pic of herself using a thick belt as a bra.