February 20, 2020
Mass Shooting In Germany Kills 8 People, Multiple Gunmen Remain On The Loose

Eight people have been killed after a tragic mass shooting near Frankfurt, Germany, according to The Wall Street Journal. The targets of the attacks were patrons of two hookah bars in the town of Hanau, located close to the center of Germany.

In addition to the eight fatalities, five other people were also reported to be critically injured. The victims are all reportedly of Kurdish descent.

It is not known exactly how many gunmen were involved in the mass shootings, and the perpetrators remain on the loose. Armed police are searching in the city, even going door-to-door in some neighborhoods. Police helicopters are also being used to try and find the gunmen.

That said, the search will likely prove difficult, as there is still no information about the identities or motives of the shooters.

As reported by the German newspaper Bild, multiple gunmen approached two different hookah lounges and began firing at random. At one of the bars, a shooter rang a bell. The men then escaped in a dark-colored car.

There were also reports of a third possible shooting; however, this remains unverified.

Claus Kaminsky, the mayor of Hanau, expressed his sadness at the tragic events.

"I am deeply affected. The very fact that eight people lost their lives shakes me. But I ask all citizens not to participate in speculation. The police must now have the chance to clarify and sort out the situation - until then we should wait with prudence, however difficult it is," he said.

Katja Leikert, the Bundestag representative for Hanau, also voiced her condolences for victims.

"On this terrible night in Hanau, I wish the families of the dead much strength and condolences," she wrote on Twitter.

"Hopefully [there will be] quick recovery for the injured. It's a real horror scenario for all of us. Thanks to all emergency services!!"
Though officials have not given much information on the shootings, many are already speculating that either right-wing or radical Islamic terrorism is to blame for the carnage.

Germany has suffered from a number of Islamic terrorist attacks in recent years, such as when a Tunisian asylum seeker mowed down 12 people at a Christmas Market in 2016.

The country has likewise been victim to a rise of neo-Nazi and other right-wing extremism. In fact, German police arrested a dozen people who had planned on attacking Muslim immigrants and progressive politicians just this past Friday.

The shooting spree comes just two weeks after a man went on a stabbing spree in London, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.