Katheryn Kalikow Arrest: NY Real Estate Mogul’s Daughter Busted For Selling Heroin

Katheryn Kalikow Arrested heroin 2013

The daughter of a well known New York real estate mogul has reportedly been arrested by authorities after she and her boyfriend attempted to sell heroin online.

According to the New York Daily News, Kathryn Kalikow, the 27-year-old daughter of real estate magnate Peter Kalicow, was was arrested for drug possession along with boyfriend Brian Whalen Sunday night.

Authorities say the pair were allegedly found with a 30 bags of heroin after advertising the goods on Craigslist.

“High quality diesel pain relief available. Discreet & professional. No games; will only reply to likeminded individuals. Email name and number for response. Stamps, diesel, H train, dope, bundles, tickets, dog food,” the Craigslist ad read, using slang terms for heroin.

Kalicow and Whalen were taken into custody after they agreed to sell the drugs to undercover detectives for $440.

Following the arrest, Kalicow’s boyfriend admitted to spearheading the operation and told police he was selling the drugs to fuel his habit.

“It was my idea to go on Craigslist and post the ad,” Whalen is quoting as saying by the NY Post. “I need treatment. I am a heroin addict, and to afford the drug I agreed to sell some … on consignment for the person I buy from,”

Both Whalen and Kalikow were arraigned Monday afternoon on felony charges of drug possession with intent to sell and released without bail. They both pleaded not guilty.

Peter Kalikow, who previously owned the New York Post before selling it in 1993, spoke Monday about his daughter’s arrest.

“Mary and I are very concerned, and all we are concentrating on now is helping our daughter,” he said.

Here is a video on Peter Kalikow: