‘General Hospital’ Reveals A Trina Shocker And Fans Have Plenty To Say About It

Sydney Mikayla plays Trina Robinson on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Fans of General Hospital finally got to learn something substantial related to Trina Robinson’s background and the revelation that Marcus Taggert is her father is generating a lot of buzz. Spoilers for the week had teased that Trina would have an unexpected reunion with a family member, and that happened when Taggert surprised her as she hung out with Cameron Webber. This reunion does prompt some questions though.

For some time now, General Hospital fans have been speculating that Trina would turn out to be a surprise daughter for Curtis. She told her friends that she had taken a DNA test that had revealed she had a match to someone unknown in town. It just so happened that Curtis’ Aunt Stella experienced a similar result when she took a DNA test months ago. Some interactions between Curtis and Trina seemed to solidify the theory that these two would end up related, but then the idea seemed to have been dropped for a while.

In addition to the idea that Trina could be related to Curtis, some General Hospital fans had another theory. Many noted that they would love to see Trina end up being the daughter of Nikolas Cassadine and Gia Campbell, Nik’s love interest from many years ago. While that may not be the case, fans did quickly note across social media that Taggert being Trina’s dad means that Gia is technically her aunt.

This shocker about Taggert and Trina immediately got tongues wagging across social media. This seemed to be a well-received surprise, but this connection doesn’t necessarily explain those DNA test results. Could Trina still turn out to be Curtis’ daughter, not Taggert’s?

Given the build-up of tensions between Curtis and Taggert, that seems like a real possibility. Curtis is frustrated and curious about how close Jordan and Taggert are, and Curtis knows that Jordan’s hiding something. If it also turned out that Trina tied the two men together, it could certainly up the tension and drama.

Some other theories are popping up on Twitter after this revelation. Could Taggert and Curtis be related somehow? If they are, that could explain how Stella and Trina could share a biological connection. Who is Trina’s mother, and will news of her identity add another shocker to this story?

Could Trina somehow end up being Jordan’s daughter with Taggert, raised by someone else? That twist wouldn’t answer the DNA test question if it’s also supposed to connect to Stella, but it could be that the writers decided to take things in a new direction and drop the Stella piece.

General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal much about what comes next with this big revelation. However, many fans are excited to see Trina given a significant familial tie to Port Charles.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s much more on the way as this storyline with Curtis, Jordan, Taggert, and Trina proceeds. SheKnows Soaps details that Trina and Cameron’s fake date is definitely happening soon and all signs point toward lots of screentime in the days or weeks ahead for the character of Trina.