'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Shares Relatable Photo With Fans, Says She Is A 'Mess'

Corrina Jean

Chelsea Houska often catches her fans' attention with stylish photos, but lately, she has been sharing more relatable pictures of her everyday life. Recently, the mom-of-three shared a photo of herself dressed comfortably in her car saying she is a "mess."

The photo was shared on the Teen Mom 2 stars Instagram stories and showed her sitting in the passenger seat of her vehicle. She is wearing a tan sweater with a blue plaid coat over top. She matches the outfit with a pair of tan sweatpants and brown furry boots. Chelsea wears her signature red hair down and in curls along with a beanie on her head and sunglasses over her eyes. In her right hand, Chelsea is holding a blue cup with colorful arrows on it, presumably full of coffee. Beside her sits her fashionable purse which recently caused a commotion among her fans.

Since the reality show star is in the passenger seat, it appears that Chelsea's husband, Cole DeBoer, may have been in the driver's seat to take the photo. Sitting in the middle console is another cup of what could be coffee, probably for Cole or whoever is in the driver's seat.

Over the photo, she wrote, "I'm gonna start doing 'real life' versions of the infamous car pics," including a laughing so hard it is crying emoji.

She added, "cars a mess. I'm a mess. tag me in your lol."

Chelsea only showed the front of her car which didn't look too messy. However, considering she is the mom of three young kids, there is always a chance that the back of her car may have some toys and other items in the back.

The Teen Mom 2 star is the mom to 10-year-old Aubree, 3-year-old Watson, and 1-year-old Layne. Chelsea often shares photos and videos of her day to day life with her kids. Lately, the reality show star has been sharing some posts that her fans can relate to including the new one showing her doing a "real life" car picture.