‘General Hospital’ Recap: Michael Learns The Truth & Nelle Makes Her Move

Craig SjodinABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital finally brought the moment that fans have been waiting to see for 18 months: Michael learned that Jonah is alive. Lucas remembered Brad’s confession and wasted no time in dropping this bombshell, and Brad came clean about everything when pushed. However, Nelle is determined to get her hands on Jonah and fans were left hanging on this front for now.

As soon as Lucas remembered what Brad told him about the baby, he told Michael and the rest of his loved ones who were gathered for a goodbye party. People were stunned, naturally, but it only took a few moments for everybody to realize that Lucas’ claim must be true. Carly confronted Brad and made him walk through every piece of how the baby swap originally happened.

Carly quickly pieced many of the details together, pointing out that Wiley and Jonah were born on the same day. She also noted that the road Brad would have traveled from his home to get to General Hospital would have been the same one Nelle and Michael were on when they crashed.

Brad answered the questions truthfully and explained that Nelle came out of the woods and initiated the idea of swapping the babies. Michael stood with tears in his eyes, trying to wrap his head around all of this, and everybody else listened quietly.

As Carly grilled Brad, Sasha quietly slipped away to make a phone call. She reached out to Chase and told him to get to the Corinthos house right away. Once Chase arrived, Sasha told him that he needed to hear all of this for Willow’s sake.

Once Brad had explained, Michael took over. He tore into Brad for not only agreeing to the swap with Nelle but also for letting the lies continue all this time. Brad tried to justify his actions, but he received no sympathy.

While this was playing out at the Corinthos house, Nelle headed to Willow and Chase’s apartment. General Hospital spoilers had teased that this confrontation would be physical and intense, and it was. Willow fought hard to keep Nelle from getting to “Wiley,” but as Wednesday’s show ended, Nelle seemed to smash Willow across the back of the head and knock her out.

Will Nelle manage to scoop up the baby and get out of town before Michael can warn Willow or get to Jonah? It certainly looks like she’ll be able to pull it off given how Wednesday’s episode ended. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that she won’t ultimately be successful.

Brad and Nelle will both be facing the potential of legal trouble in the days ahead. In addition, as SheKnows Soaps details, it appears that Chase will be the one to tell Willow the heartbreaking news that her biological son is dead. People may finally know that Jonah is still alive, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s still quite a bit of drama yet to play out with this.