Savannah Prez Shows Off Amazing Fitness Transformation In Before-And-After Instagram Post

Savannah Prez poses for a photo on her Instagram
Savannah Prez / Instagram

On Wednesday, Belgian fitness model Savannah Prez showed her Instagram followers just how much her dedication to fitness has transformed her body. In a rare before-and-after post, Savannah revealed that she looked completely different before she started working out regularly. In the before photo, she rocked a mismatched bikini and seemed considerably younger and slimmer. Her hips and thighs were narrow, and the photo showed no hint of the bulging quadriceps that she’s become known for. Although she had a trim physique at the time, her midsection and face were also slightly rounder.

In the video showcasing her current body, Savannah wore a pink sports bra and navy blue briefs. She lifted the sports bra higher to reveal more of her abs and twisted her legs repeatedly to flaunt the muscle tone in her legs.

In the caption, she said that the post was inspired by a message sent by a fan, which thanked the brown-haired beauty for being open about the hard work required to maintain her fitness. She also reiterated that she has not used any “fancy diets,” “sexy teas,” easy resistance exercises, or “quick fixes” to build her body.

The post has been liked over 10,000 times since it was posted and more than 240 Instagram users have commented on it. In the comments section, fans shared their appreciation for Savannah’s post.

“My absolutely fav IG fitness page,” one fan wrote. “You’re real & I appreciate that!”

“Awesome, you have come a long way,” another added. “You look amazing.”

“The changes in you are impressive, now your legs are huge and your waist is smaller,” a third commenter remarked. “It always inspires me to see the results of people, you are so admirable.”

“This is what’s hard work and dedication gets you!” a fourth fan gushed. “You inspire so much Savannah. Omg you’re [sic] transformation is incredible”

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Now this feels great reading this (swipe) ???????????? . Hardwork is what I preach to you guys all the time and it’s what I believe is necessary in order to get the results you’ve always wanted. . No quick fixes No easy resistance band trainings No sexy tea’s No fancy diets . There simply is no easy way, THE END❗️ . Lift heavy – Be consistent – Stay patient . I believe everyone has great potential to reach their fitness goals. But always remember what you put in will somehow show through your physique. If that’s not the case you have to seriously question yourself – Do I really give my all in this journey? . Looking back to my old me, I’m f*cking proud. I don’t owe anyone anything because I DID ACHIEVE THIS MYSELF, I’VE PUT IN THE WORK AND ALL CREDITS ARE FOR ME. NOBODY CAN EVER TAKE AWAY YOUR HARDWORK IN THE GYM!! If that isn’t like the biggest motivation ever to push a little harder or just get started I don’t know anymore. . DO THIS FOR YOU AND TRUST ME GREAT THINGS WILL HAPPEN.???????? . Want me to help you? Click link in bio for my GLUTES or QUADS ebook ????????????

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While she doesn’t regularly share photos from her pre-fitness days on Instagram, Savannah regularly shows fans the results of her hard work in the gym. In a previous photo, she rocked a flattering tan crocheted bikini and shared more words of motivation in her caption.

“I get asked all the time how I do stay motivated to go to the gym and eat healthy for years and years,” she wrote. “Simple: I do this for ME and I do this because I LOVE fitness and my body & health is everything to me.”

The post has been liked close to 30,000 times as of this writing.