Was Amari Cooper Shot? Dallas Cowboys Player Debunks Rumors, Says ‘Everything Good Over Here’

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Update: Amari Cooper took to his Instagram story to reassure fans that he is OK, despite the rumors that he’d been shot.

Amari Cooper was rumored to have been shot, according to social media. Claims that the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver had been shot in a Dallas-area parking garage first started making the rounds on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, as his name was being mentioned frequently in football fans’ talk of NFL free agency. Unverified Twitter account The Offseason (@TOffseason, since deleted) was the first to put the alleged information forth.

“BREAKING NEWS: Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper shot in a parking garage in Dallas area. Coopers health is unknown, will follow with updates,” the tweet read, with various football-related hashtags in place.

Upon being asked for its source by multiple users, including Dallas-Forth Worth’s CBS affiliate, the individual responsible for the report answered that his or her tweet was based on an eyewitness account.

“We hope this to be false like everybody, but we are for the people and the people deserve to know this.”

The Dallas Police Department’s social media team responded to the rumors via Twitter.

“There has been a tweet going viral that Amari Cooper has been shot in the Dallas area. We have NOT found any validity to that tweet occurring in the city of Dallas. At this time, there has been NO shooting incident occurring in the city of Dallas.”

Speaking with The Inquisitr via phone, Senior Corporal Melinda Gutierrez of the department’s public information office confirmed that the Dallas Police have received “several” calls regarding the rumored shooting and been contacted via email. She confirmed that the department has released the same information to local media.

“As soon as that tweet went out, our phones started ringing,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez further started that Dallas police “quickly started looking around” and specifically referenced The Offseason’s tweet.

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Cooper does have an Instagram account with more than 800,000 followers, but he doesn’t use it too often. In fact, his most recent post was uploaded about a week ago. However, after rumors that he’d been shot surfaced today, Cooper took to his Instagram story to let everyone know that he was OK.

“That was fake news y’all, everything good over here,” his message reads.

Cooper, 25, has made the Pro Bowl four times. He played the 2019 season with the Cowboys, catching 79 passes for 1,189 yards and he had eight touchdowns. His name has been in the news lately as the Cowboys have yet to re-sign him and he’s slated to become a free agent. Where Cooper could wind up in 2020 has been on the minds of many football fans.

“Sometimes when you are having success, you tend to lose focus on the little things that you need to do to keep playing well. For example, if you catch a lot of balls early on, it starts to feel like that’s just what you do…. When it becomes routine, you stop doing those things,” Cooper recently told ESPN.