ID Thieves Target LifeLock CEO

In awesome irony news today, newly uncovered documents show the commercial pitchman who’s made a name for himself by daring crooks to steal his identity has had his identity stolen.

LifeLock CEO Todd Davis is the genius who drove around major cities with his social security number plastered from a truck and blaring from a megaphone. He was evidently so sure his company’s identity protection worked, he didn’t mind readily giving out his personal info as a challenge.

Turns out someone stepped up to the plate and won. An attorney found at least 20 instances of people applying for and sometimes receiving driver’s licenses in Davis’s name. In one case, a man from Texas got $500 from a loan company on Davis’s credit line.

Davis himself admits he didn’t learn about the breach until the company called him to collect the loan back. He also admitted to the Associated Press that it’s entirely possible other people have driver’s licenses issued in his name. Davis told the AP that’s only because of the “flimsy mechanisms” used for reporting that kind of fraud — the same kind of “flimsy mechanisms” his company supposedly uses to protect your personal information.

The revelation has led to a string of lawsuits across the U.S. from customers who say Davis knew his service didn’t offer the protection he claimed it would. Davis, however, still insists his company’s methods work.

“There’s nothing to indicate my identity has been successfully compromised other than the one instance,” he told the AP.

“If anyone can find any other potentially embarrassing or business-killing facts about me, I dare them to publicize them,” he probably thought about adding.