Jazzyy 'BK Jazzy' Mulani: Who Is Pop Smoke's Rumored Girlfriend?

Nicholas Morine

Pop Smoke's rumored girlfriend was Jazzyy Mulani, according to StarsOffline. Unfortunately, given news of Pop Smoke's death -- as reported earlier on Wednesday -- it looks like this purported romance has been cut short in a tragic fashion.

Mulani, also known as BK Jazzy, holds some sway as an Instagram model and influencer. With over 300,000 followers on the popular social media platform, it appears her star is beginning to rise. However, despite their seeming romance, neither Pop Smoke nor Mulani publicly acknowledged any relationship on their respective social media profiles. He has also been linked to model Yummy Yellow, who shared a tribute to the rapper.

Amid various provocative pictures of her clad in different racy outfits, more personal details also emerge from her posts. Many of her photos focus on her young son, the captions attached to these universally loving in nature. In others, she shared bits and pieces of philosophy that seemed to resonate with her. One post was particularly poetic and positive in its delivery.

"Ladies, love your man. If he's the one, value him and remind him everyday how much he means to you. Pray for him, lay on his chest and listen for his heartbeat. Take pictures, create memories. Life is short and these streets ain't playing fair."

In one particularly brutal takedown of an Instagram troll, she borrowed Eminem's language from "Stan" to turn the tables on a harsh critic.

The interview -- conducted alongside U.K.-based producer 808Melo -- spanned a wide variety of subjects, from the rapper's rise to relative fame to his take on being a "gangster and a gentleman."

"A mixture. You gotta have that, you know. It's hard to explain; you just are that. You gotta know how to speak to ladies. That's just how I see it: a gentleman is a way you carry yourself. Gangster also don't mean you a criminal."

"It's important that my son receives all his sacraments, the same way I did."

As seen in the above photo, Mulani seems to have encountered a common parenting issue with her son: picky eating.