Wendy Williams Discusses The Possibility Of Future Plastic Surgery

Dia Dipasupil Getty Images

While talk show host Wendy Williams has had work done on her body in the past, she’s not going to be getting any more plastic surgery in the near future. She clarified this during the February 2017 episode of her show when she explained that due to her current health conditions, she’s not going to be going under the knife out of fear for her physical well being, according to OK!

Some fans have reportedly suggested to Williams that she get breast reduction surgery. Williams is no stranger to the knife but since she currently battles both Grave’s Disease and lymphedema, she doesn’t think it is prudent to get any unnecessary surgery right now.

“You all want me to get a breast reduction, oh, no. I will go under one more surgery that is when the doctor says, ‘Wendy, you need a new kidney or something like that. You need a new hip,'” she said, explaining that right now she’s too “frightened” to undergo any more surgery.

She went on to say that she wonders whether or not her current lymphedema condition is a result of a surgery she had in the past.

“You know I love the knife and needles. I’m going to tell you this right now. Since I caught the lymphedema, I’m not messing around. I have already told you this. The lymphedema, I think I got it because I had the bunion surgery.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams’ current health conditions cause some visible side effects. It’s those side effects that she recently made very clear that she’s tired of people asking her about. Her remarks came after she did her usual “After Show” on social media, which occurs after her daytime show. This is a time in which fans watching her show from home have the opportunity to send her questions. Apparently Williams got sick of reading questions about her appearance.

“Stop asking me about the cankles, I have lymphedema. Stop asking me why I wear sneakers, I have lymphedema,” she said in frustration.

She continued on to express her annoyance about people asking her why her eyes bulge, a side effect of Grave’s Disease. She explained that she is sick of getting shallow questions such as these and would rather be able to connect with her fans on a deeper level. Williams noted that she’d like to spend her time offering advice about relationships or work, not talking about her appearance.