Caelynn Miller-Keyes & Dean Unglert Marriage Rumors Get ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Buzzing

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images for American Influencer Awards

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise have been hit with news of a couple of major splits in recent weeks, but it looks like Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert are still going strong. People may not have necessarily expected this pair to last long once filming was over, but they actually just prompted a lot of buzz that perhaps they’d secretly gotten married.

There is little doubt that Bachelor in Paradise fans would be shocked if they learned that Caelynn and Dean had quietly tied the knot. The duo has been virtually inseparable since he returned to Mexico to sweep her off her feet last summer, but there was no engagement between them at that time. In addition, they hadn’t signaled that they were headed in that direction anytime soon.

However, as E! Online notes, a couple of comments on recent Instagram posts made people wonder if there had been a wedding. Both Dean and Caelynn posted sweet photos and notes on Instagram for Valentine’s Day, and it seems that these posts are what sparked the speculation.

In the comments of Caelynn’s posts, fans asked if the two had gotten engaged and some told them to get married already. In response, Caelynn quipped that they had already gotten married.

On Dean’s post, Caelynn commented about how they’d had the best honeymoon ever. Between these two notes, Bachelor in Paradise fans felt pretty torn. Did Caelynn and Dean get married or were they playing with fans?

Now, it seems that the truth might be somewhere in the middle, to a degree.

An insider told E! Online that Caelynn and Dean are not legally married. However, the Bachelor in Paradise stars seemingly did have a commitment ceremony of some sort and this apparently elevated their romance to an entirely new level.

As for those comments that got tongues wagging, it sounds as if Dean and Caelynn know they’ve prompted some speculation and rumors and they’re playing along and trolling fans.

“Close friends of Caelynn and Dean still don’t even know if they are legally married. Some think something special happened after Dean’s ski accident. They’re very happy and very serious and enjoy the speculation from fans,” one insider explained.

While Bachelor in Paradise fans continue to speculate about Caelynn and Dean’s status, they’re still wrapping their heads around two recent splits.

A few weeks ago, “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile and Kendall Long announced their breakup. Over this past weekend, Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone revealed that they had separated, just eight months after their televised wedding.

Will Caelynn and Dean keep surprising Bachelor in Paradise fans by defying expectations and keeping the romance alive between them? They may have been trolling with these recent comments suggesting they’d gotten married already, but they do seem to be going strong and in a good place at this point.