October 23, 2016
Move Over Snoop Dog: Peyton and Eli Manning Rap In New Music Video (Video)

It wasn't enough that brothers, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are NFL quarterbacks, but now the brothers, or should we say "brothas" are rapping. The Manning quarterbacks, one for the Denver Broncos, and the other for the New York Giants were brought together for a hilarious video promoting the new DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket's new Fantasy Zone Channel as reported by the Denver Post.

Believe it or not, DirecTV now has a channel solely devoted to fantasy football. You gotta love that.

This time last year, Peyton and Eli Manning made a video debut for DirecTV called "Football For Your Phone." It raked in over 8.2 million views on YouTube.com according to New York Daily News. The Manning duo appeared in 80s style get-up, and even featured Dad, Archie tossing around a gold football with his sons.

This time around, it has a different "flava." Peyton and Eli step out of their trendy garb and loafers and trade them for what appears to be a walk through Jay Z's closet. And as you watch, you'll find yourself asking, "Whaddup with the dreads?"

The Manning brothers couldn't hog all the attention, and shared the spotlight with other footballs fan favorites as well. As you watch you will spot "Justin Pugh, Will Beatty, and newly-retired Chris Snee, as well as pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath also made his way into the video, as did current Jets running back Chris Johnson," according to the New York Giants.

The video would also not be complete without Dad, Archie Manning, making his way in front of the camera. Although let's make it clear that the mother Joe Namath is loving up on is not Peyton or Eli's mom. Which, for Archie's sake could be a good thing because Joe seems to be having an exceptionally good time.

Just to give you a little taste of the creative rap session between the Manning brothers, here's a sample of the lyrics from New York Daily News that would make even Snoop Dog jealous:

"There's a fantasy channel that you've got to see,"

"It's like a fantasy football fantasy,"

"Like catching a football that came from me."

"Then opening it up — there's nacho cheese."

Here's a little rapping advice, Peyton and Eli:
"It's true this rap brings joy to the heart,

with Peyton and Eli right from the start,

But if they're smart, come this fall,

The Manning boys will stick to football."

Photo Credit: CBSSports.com