Britney Spears Broke Her Metatarsal Bone While Dancing, But Will Heal ‘Stronger’ Says Sam Asghari

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Britney Spears broke her metatarsal bone while dancing, according to her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. She has a knee-high cast on her left leg and will undoubtedly be on crutches for several weeks.

Although Spears is not currently on tour, she often dances and does yoga as a way to stay fit. The “Till The World Ends” singer is almost always posting updates to her Instagram account showing off her workout routines. She is also known to play dress up and prance around in cute outfits with high-heeled shoes while filming short home videos for her fans. Further details about what exactly she was doing or where she was dancing when she broke her foot are unclear at this time.

On Tuesday, Spears’ boyfriend shared a series of photos of the pop star in the hospital. The first photo was of the couple that showed Spears, in a blue hospital gown, playfully sticking out her tongue. The duo used a cat filter, showing off their goofy side, and the blonde had an adhesive thermometer on her forehead.

In the next slide, Asghari posted a short clip of him writing “Stronger” on Spears’ cast using blue and green markers. “Stronger,” of course, is a nod to Spears’ hit single by the same name, which was released in 2000. In the third slide, fans can see the finished Asghari artwork.

Readers can check out the photos of Spears in the hospital below.

While the pop princess has not posted about her injury to social media, her loyal fanbase has taken to Asghari’s post to leave positive comments and well-wishes for a speedy recovery. Fans filled the post with red hearts to show their affection.

“Noooooo! Feel better, Britney!! We all love you so much,” wrote one social media user.

“Take care of her for us, Sam,” wrote another.

“Tell Britney to get well soon! We love her so much,” echoed a third.

This is certainly not the first injury that has plagued Spears. As most of her fans know, she was sidelined in 2004 with a knee injury that forced her to cancel the remainder of her Onyx Hotel Tour.

According to a statement released by Jive Records at the time, Spears was on set for her music video for the song “Outrageous” with rapper Snoop Dogg when her knee gave out — another injury that occurred while she was dancing. An MRI showed floating cartilage and the singer was forced to undergo surgery to repair the joint.