Jillian Michaels, 46, Flaunts Fit Physique While Powering Through Intense Workout

Personal trainer and television personality Jillian Michaels has definitely put in the work necessary to have a rock-hard body. On Tuesday, she uploaded a video that showed her powering through a workout that was not for the weak of heart.

Jillian's workout consisted of three moves. She explained that one was a booty exercise, one was a core exercise and the other was a "bonus." Anyone knowing her personality might automatically assume that "bonus" would probably mean difficult, and they would not be wrong.

The fitness guru's first move was a combination routine that involved a bent-over row with a weight plate. After bending over while holding the plate against her chest, she then raised up and put it behind her head and completed another row with the plate resting on the tops of her shoulders.

The second exercise was a sliding plank move, which she performed with towels under her feet. A weight was placed on the floor on one side of her body. With straight legs, she slid her feet up to her hands and back down into a plank position. She then used one arm to move the weight to the other side of her body before repeating it while using her other hand.

Jillian's "bonus" routine was an extreme one -- a one-armed pull-up while hanging from a pull-up ring. She held on to the ring with one hand while her other hand held onto her wrist. She definitely showed how strong she was as she raised and lowered herself.

In the post's caption, Jillian — who happens to turn 46 today — asked her followers if they would try the challenging routine.

Many of the celebrity's admirers wished her a happy birthday, while others thanked her for the inspiring video. A few said they might try some of the moves.

"Just watching you do those exercises made me feel the pain. Inspired," joked one Instagram user.

"I'll definitely try it no guarantees on the last one," a second follower told her.

"Happy birthday @jillianmichaels!!! You changed my life for the better I did an extra workout of yours today and didn't swear at you have a awesome day!!" wrote a third fan.

"Amazing work out I will try it tomorrow," said a fourth commenter.

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