Stabbings At Target Leave At Least Six People Injured [Video]


Pittsburgh, PA – A series of stabbings at a Target store in Pennsylvania has left at least six people injured.

Authorities were called to a store in the East Liberty neighborhood after a man reportedly attacked several people with a knife. Police said the suspect ran inside the Target location after getting into a scuffle with several men down the road.

Police spokeswoman Diane Richard said the suspect was followed into the store by his pursuers. They reportedly chased him into the store’s restroom. However, one of the men was chased out of the bathroom by the suspect. He was allegedly wielding a knife.

One witness explained to WTAE: “I took a peek at the top of the steps, and the guy was chasing the dude around with a long, long knife. It was a long, long knife. He was chasing him around through the aisles.”

The suspect then ran towards the front of the Target store and grabbed a 16-year-old girl who was standing with her family. Witnesses explained that the man was holding the girl by the hair while screaming he would hurt her. He soon began stabbing his teenage hostage.

Several men reportedly tackled the man in an effort to save the girl. One man was cut on the lip while another is said to have suffered deep cuts on several of his fingers.

One individual who witnessed the incident take place grabbed a baseball bat and used it to keep the man away from other shoppers until police arrived on the scene. Officers subdued the suspect with pepper spray before placing him under arrest.

Although several people were injured during the altercation, the 16-year-old girl suffered very serious wounds. She was taken to Children’s Hospital in critical condition. However, authorities explained that she is currently in serious condition.

Police are still investigating what prompted the man to go on a stabbing spree inside Target.