Ashley Graham Bares Postpartum Stomach: ‘Same Me, Few New Stories’

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New mom Ashley Graham left little to the imagination in her latest Instagram share, which showed off the realities of her postpartum body.

The model shared a post that did not include her upper body. Instead, shot from below, Ashley’s new picture showed off her bare belly, which just a month ago held her and her husband Justin Ervin’s first child. A lot has changed in the four short weeks since the model sported a baby bump for several months. Ashley used her arm to cover her breasts to protect her modesty, and the shot showed off several new red stretch marks on her slightly rounded stomach. Typically, it takes new moms at least six weeks to fully recover medically from an uncomplicated delivery, so the model is still within that recovery timeframe. The unusual angle also showed off the new mom’s curvaceous hips and her smaller waist. A small tattoo is also visible on one of her hips.

In the caption, Ashley noted that she’s still herself, but she has a few new stories to tell after becoming a mother. The post certainly hit the right note with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model’s followers on the popular social media network. In just a few hours, Ashley’s honest post wracked up well over 1 million likes. Plus, more than 13,000 Instagram users also took the time to leave a comment for the breastfeeding mother.

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same me. few new stories.

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Many people praised Ashley for keeping it real, and some users also noted that the stretch marks were worth it in exchange for having a baby.

“Life lines. 100% sooo worth the journey, right Mamacita? A. Mazing share” replied one follower.

“Ashley! I am a plus-size model from Poland. I gave birth to a child six months ago, and I also have striae gravidarum. I gave life, you too. I love my son and my striae gravidarum. That’s our charm – mothers. Take care! You are beautiful,” another fan shared.

“Thank you, love. How the hell were we made to feel ashamed of those in the first place,” asked a third follower.

“You are such an amazing person! Thanks for normalizing the essence of being a woman,” a fourth replied.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Ashley surprised her Instagram followers with a photograph of herself breastfeeding her son while her husband looked on, smiling. Women chimed in with memories of breastfeeding their children, and many urged the model to enjoy making the precious memories with her family.