Jessica Chastain Celebrates Random Acts Of Kindness Day By Flashing A 'Love' Shirt

Jessica Chastain posted an update on Instagram to celebrate a holiday. The Oscar winner wasn't aiming her acknowledgment to laud a past or present president, since February 17 has been designated President's Day in the U.S. Instead, this expressive thespian took the time to show she cares that Monday has been deemed Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Although the emergence of this relatively new -- and completely unofficial -- holiday's beginnings are tough to discern; one source says that the whole movement is in place for a good reason.

"February 17th encourages people all over the country to be altruistic to friends, colleagues, and yes, strangers. We should all use this day to bring a smile to someone's face without expecting anything in return. These random acts of kindness can range from a small compliment to an inspiring gesture that could be life changing," states Hera Hub.

Jessica is all in for this celebration.

While acknowledging the day on social media, the 42-year-old mother of one seemed to be without inhibitions as she happily showed off her t-shirt. On the face of the garment, the letters "love to all" were written in various colors and in three different rows that created an arch, appearing to emulate a rainbow.

As Jessica appeared to be somewhat serious, she quickly opened the bright blue jacket she wore over her top. After that, the boomerang effect that appeared on her Instagram account brought a great big smile from the affable redhead.

While expressing her belief that "everyone deserves love," the Zero Dark Thirty star asked how others will celebrate this special day.

Jessica's ode to "Random Acts of Kindness Day," which happened to fall on President's Day in 2020, was immediately popular with her 3 million Instagram followers. Her most recent post earned nearly 40,000 likes and more than 360 comments within an hour of going live on her social media account.

Some followers offered emoji -- including many different colored hearts -- which other people spoke about how they felt and how they would celebrate.

"A smile to the people we love," stated one fan, who added a red heart emoji.

"Tell the people that I love them and appreciate them, including you," remarked a second admirer, who also added a red heart emoji.

"My gay a** likes this. A lot," stated a third Instagram user, who added a red heart and a peace hand signal emoji.

"I do charity! Last year I collected 6 huge boxes of hygiene products for women (pads, tampons, wet wipes, etc) and donated everything to a homeless women shelter in Kraków," said a fourth follower, who added sparkling stars and a yellow heart emoji.