'The Bachelor' Spoilers Tease Emotional Moments Ahead For Peter Weber's Hometown Date With Kelsey Weier

Monday night brings the hometown dates for Peter Weber. The Bachelor spoilers suggest that his time with Kelsey Weier and her family could be a game-changer in terms of what comes next in his journey.

People shared a sneak peek of Kelsey's hometown date with Peter. The Bachelor spoilers share that he will be excited to meet Kelsey's family, but he's nervous too because he knows how important her family is to her. Ultimately, Peter explains, he's hoping to gain some insight about his connection to Kelsey and see if he can see a future between the two of them.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that Kelsey's mom will open up to Peter and tell him that it takes a lot for Kelsey to fall in love. She'll note that when Kelsey loves, she loves like nobody else, and she believes that Peter must be a very special person for them to be having this gathering.

While Kelsey's mom can see how smitten her daughter is for Peter, The Bachelor spoilers indicate that mom will feel concerned about this. She'll tell Peter that she is worried about him breaking her daughter's heart, and she'll warn him not to go there.

A sneak peek shared by ABC gives fans another glimpse into this hometown. The Bachelor spoilers show that Kelsey will set up a grape-stomping opportunity for them and they'll giggle as they smash grapes and start dancing.

In the preview, Peter will note that he and Kelsey talked about a lot of the serious subjects early on during their journey on The Bachelor. Spoilers share that he'll feel that now they can just let loose and have fun, believing that his relationship with her is a little unique in how it's developed, and he seems to feel pretty confident about it at this point.

Peter will note that family is a huge part of his life and he has a good feeling about this hometown date with Kelsey. He'll explain that there's a lot he admires about her and he knows she is ready for marriage.

Will this date go the way Peter needs it to go in order to give Kelsey a rose? The Bachelor spoilers hint that there is some intense drama set to play out during one of Peter's other hometowns, and this seemingly will cast a shadow over the next rose ceremony.

ABC teases that Peter will have a last-second change of heart at that key rose ceremony. In relation to that, The Bachelor spoilers from blogger Reality Steve hint that Kelsey could end up on the losing end of this change of heart.

Fans of The Bachelor will be quite curious to see how this hometown of Kelsey's goes and find out just what prompts Peter to make the elimination decision that comes at the next rose ceremony.