Cardi B Matches Her Purple Birkin Bag With Violet Hair

Cardi B couldn't resist posing with one of her newest Hermès Birkin bags -- perfectly pairing her hair color with the purse.

Posed in front of a white wall in her latest Instagram photo, the rapper looked up as her eyes were partially shielded by sheer brown aviator sunglasses. In fact, Cardi's entire ensemble was made up of shades of sepia. She wore a sand-colored, long-sleeved shirt under a long, light brown fur vest that reached her ankles. She sported white, high-rise jeans, which she paired with golden-brown, Timberland-esque stiletto boots.

The neutral tones in her wardrobe and in the background only made the purple hues in the photo stand out even more. She held her purple Birkin in one hand, as her other hand touched her face. She wore her plum-colored hair tied back into a long, straight ponytail that cascaded all the way down to her thigh.

With the end of her ponytail and the purse just inches away from each other, fans could see just how similar the hues were -- with the purple Birkin a touch more brightly colored.

In addition to her hair and the bag, Cardi also rocked lengthy amethyst-colored nails, which tied the whole look together.

For her jewelry, Cardi wore a silver watch on one wrist. Large, silver-gold hoops dangled from her ears. As per usual, she wore her giant diamond engagement ring on her left ring finger.

As Cardi looked up, followers caught a glimpse of her eye makeup. Her lashes were thick and luxurious, and they fanned out and curled upward, nearly touching her brow bone. She wore a dusting of icy white highlighter on her cheekbones, which shimmered in the light. She also matched her lip color to the Birkin bag with a mocha-plum shade on her pout.

The "Please Me" rapper's fans couldn't get enough of her matching purple look, and eagerly rushed to the comments section to share their excitement.

Many fans, aware of how much Cardi adores the brand, loved her latest Birkin snap.

"A LOOOK!!!!" one fan exclaimed. "The Fur, The Purple Hair THE [BIRKIN] Big Drip!"

"Bardi w/ the Birkin," another fan wrote.

Others enjoyed the Jennifer Lopez reference in the caption, riffing off of her hit, "Jenny From The Block."

"I'm still, i'm still cardi from the block," said one user.

At the time of this writing, the photo racked up more than 1.8 million likes and over 10,300 comments.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Cardi B also showed off her new orange Birkin purse, pairing that bag with brond hair.