Rare Photos Of The Beatles Sell For Over $50,000

The Beatles rare photos

Rare photos of The Beatles that were taken by an amateur photographer have sold at an auction for over $50,000.

The images were caught at the Fab Four’s biggest ever concert in 1965, which took place at Shea Stadium in New York. They were taken by Marc Weinstein, who ingeniously presented a fake press pass to make his way backstage.

Weinstein then took 61 black and white photos, which sold for for over $50,000 at a sale that was held at Omega Auctions. They were only expected to gather around $35,000.

The photos generated so much money because the only other photographer at the gig ran out of film.

Weinstein divulge further information about his con by revealing that he used a home-made pass to fool a policeman, who then escorted him to the press area.

“I just blended with everybody there,” he added. “I had a method of operation; I just acted like I belonged. Anybody in authority, I would look the other way.”

Paul Fairweather, an auctioneer for Omega, noted that the winner of the photos was “a South America gentleman currently living in Washington[who] is a huge collector of Beatles memorabilia.”

Sixty-five unpublished color slides of the band that were taken by physicist Dr. Robert “Bob” Beck in 1964 went on to sell for just under $50,000. They were estimated to go for between $15,000 and $20,000.

Ernie Sutton, a spokesperson for the British Beatles Fan Club, previously stated, “These photographs show The Beatles during their 1964 US tour, both on and off-stage. New photographs that emerge of The Beatles are always of interest to the fans, but with the majority of photographs from this tour in black and white, it is a delight to see color photographs from that historic tour.”

The auction was held in Stockport, Cheshire, and the date coincidentally occurred on the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ first album, Please Please Me.